Dawn Leslie Lenz

Freelance Ghostwriter & Book Writer

Location:Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
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Whether you need ghostwriting, an article written or an entire book edited, Dawn Leslie Lenz has the skills and background to complete your project on time, masterfully and within your budget. With 15 years of experience that spans the gamut of individual clients to advertising agency to top-tier university to leading U.S. local advertising company, her repertoire of project types is as varied and practical as you can get. Her diverse background will allow her to pull extraordinary resources at her disposal to complete your next project with finesse, creativity and obsessive attention to detail.

Whether Dawn Leslie is writing or editing, she empowers individuals and organizations to effectively communicate their messages to specified target audiences. In all of her writing, she takes great pride in affecting change in the individual.

Services offered:
Corporate writing
Fiction writing
Copy editing
Developmental editing
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What people are saying about Dawn Leslie Lenz:

“[Dawn] is a team player that achieves a consistent level of quality and excellence in her work. When you give her a task, you know it is going to be done to perfection and in a timely manner. Having her on my team allows me to devote my attention to other areas of the business. Her editing and copywriting ability are unsurpassed. Dawn exudes the qualities employers and managers desire in their workers.”
–Dianne L.
Manager Marketing Communications

“Dawn Leslie Lenz is an exceptionally talented and versatile professional. She excels as a writer, editor and designer. She is well respected by all who work with her and a great team player. Plus she’s a lot of fun to work with.”
–Mary Ellen B.
retired Vice Chancellor of University Marketing & Design
Washington University in St. Louis

“I’m always looking to work with people who will “up my game,” so to speak. People who will enhance the intellectual and cultural landscape of whatever they’re engaged in. People who are just plain smart and talented, and who ultimately, up the game of everyone they encounter. Dawn is one of those people. The thing is, her great stuff–her team spirit, her intellect, her talent–is highly contagious. Do yourself a favor, don’t pass up the opportunity to work with Dawn.”
–Rick B.
VP of Accounting
Texas Food & Fuel Association
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Book Writing