Jeremy Blair

Freelance Audio Producer & Music Producer

Location:Calabasas, California, United States
2 Skills
Jeremy Blair
Greater Los Angeles, CA
Recording/ Mixing Engineer, Producer, Studio Technician, Song Writer/Composer,
Expert ear for music with an understanding of sound image desired by various performers,
Multifaceted entertainment industry professional
o Technical expertise with state-of-the-art recording technologies
o Professional Experience working within all recording mediums including live performance
o Professional Experience in all aspects of Production from Pre Production to Final Mastering and Distribution
o Audio and Video Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Music Composing:
Mac OS, Pro-Tools, Large Format Consoles, Logic, Midi Implantation, Smpte, Automation, Knowledge of Phase coherency/alignment, Fletcher Muncin Curve, Understanding of EQ and Compression and Emitting, Proper Microphone techniques including XY and Stereo just to name a few
o Experience Producing and Engineering Records for major and indie label artists:
Guns & Roses, Fear Factory, Cypress Hill, Zakk Wylde, Ice Cube, Devil Driver, Faith Hill, Sick Puppies, and many more
o Experience working with Industry Professionals:
Mike Clink, Toby Wright, Roger Nichols, Ron Nevison, Matt Wallace, Jim Gaines, Ross Hogarth, Roy Thomas Baker, Raymond Herrera, Terry Date
o Writing, performing, producing, engineering, mixing musical score for Major Motion Pictures, TV and Radio:
End of Days, SAW, Beach Boys, Starbucks, and many more
o Writing, performing, producing, engineering, mixing musical score for popular Video Games:
Ghost Recon, Advanced War Fighter 1&2, Rainbow Six: Lockdown, Ironman 2, Guitar Hero, and many more
o Recording Studio Affiliations:
Rumbo Recorders, Temple Studio’s, House of Blues Studio’s, The Village Recorders, The Record Plant, Paramount, A&M, Royal Tone, Scream, Conway, The Salt Mine, Woodland Ranch, and many more
Sound Master Audio/Video Institute North Hollywood, CA 1996
Recording Engineer Alumni
Ventura Community College Ventura, CA 1990
Music Fundamentals & Appreciation, Music Composition