John Burroughs

Freelance Creative Writer & Data Entry Freelancer

Location:Monroe Township, New Jersey, United States
2 Skills
Creative Writing, Poetry, Essays. Painting pictures and emotions with words.


Walk slowly through the garden
Bask in the warming harmony of perfectness
Embrace the feeling as your senses sharpen
Breathe life, touch, taste, feel the calmness
Come alive, enjoy these glorious days
Steadily the gentle breeze cools
While tree leaves dance and the music plays
Innocence playfully splashes in the pool
Not yet scarred by experiences and hardships
Stars gleaming in a clear moonlit sky
The softness of a kiss on loving lips
Make a wish as a star shoots by
Pictures dutifully storing all memories
Long summer nights when parents can become kids
For later times to be passed down in stories
Life slips past quickly with closing eye lids
A doe glaring from a green grass field
Life’s blissful enjoyment, nature’s natural beauty
Believe in what you feel, observe all that is real
Side by side we can spend our eternity.
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Creative Writing
Data Entry