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Tyrone J. Webb

Freelance Painter & Book Cover Designer

Location:Broomfield, Colorado, United States
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Hello All,

I am a self taught Spray Paint Artist, been doing it for about 2 years now. I am a a Gemini and best i can guess is that the first half of my professional life one twin has been at the helm. I was always artistic when i was younger however it was the logical side that got me to where i am today. Now, the other twin is pulling the strings so, i am trying to paint for a living. This is where you come in. I like to use spray paint to send folks to another place somewhere in the blink of an eye if i can help you to do that then my work is complete. I have so much to get out all i can hope is that imagination of myself and others and the freedom to create can keep this going well into my later life.

I have been doing custom Sci-Fi/Fantasy Landscapes with Spray Paint for about 2 years now. Every single piece is someplace my mind has take me and i do my best to channel that to the canvas i am using. Especially large pieces. There is a stor yto each piece and i just dont have the discipline to write them down but reserve it for in person discussions.

I am a Husband and Father of 3 Girls first. For the past 20 years I have worked Project Management, Tech Team Leadership and Management in the IT industry. 14 of these years with IBM. During that time Art was a hobby and many enjoyed picking up a piece or 2 from me on the side. Now i have flipped the script a little and decided i would try to make Art my career and see where it takes me because i was laid off.

I love doing commissions and have some room in my schedule for that. I would prefer to do large pieces that can be hung up and hope one day to see them in some sort of gallery... I hope.
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Book Cover Design