John Del Castillo

Freelance Audio Producer & Music Composer

Location:Roseville, California, United States
2 Skills
3024 Haywood Pl, Roseville, CA, 95747
Phone: 949-315-0399

To work within the industry as an Audio Professional, where I may utilize my knowledge and experience to contribute as a valued member of the team. I’m capable and excited at the prospect of learning and joining such a talented and professional group of artists.

Applicable Skills:
•Intuitive leader, with over 10+ successful years of experience providing mentorship, management and training to groups of various sizes across multiple disciplines
•Proven and Dynamic communicator that bridges gaps of confusion and expedites productivity
•Experience in signal flow, analog to digital conversion, professional
recording engineering, music mixing, editing and mastering, routing & wiring, audio manipulation, post-production, surround 5.1, patching outboard gear, microphone placement and studio maintenance and soldering

Programming/Software/Hardware Experience:
•FMOD Studio, Wwise, Unity 3D, UE, and Pipmak engine familiarization
•Trained and proficient in the use of many DAW’s and software programs to include; ProTools, Logic Studio, Sound Forge, all Audio formats, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Filemaker Pro, Reason, Recycle,Final Cut Studio, East/West and Native Instruments libraries
•Hands on experience using a variety of analog and digital mixing consoles, including Audient ASP 8024, Digidesign/Avid C24 and Toft ATB24

Professional Experience: Forsaken Studios, Embers of Caerus 2012-Present
Title: Sound Designer
Under the direction of Miles Hancock (Audio Lead & Composer), I was brought aboard as a Sound Designer with Forsaken Studios, who is hard at work on their Medieval low-fantasy MMORPG, Embers of Caerus
To date I have organized the creation of over 200+ sound assets and 10+ project mixes. As a designer I will primarily be working with content creation of creatures and environment, while assisting with audio implementation into middleware engines and assisting as an audio engineer for edits and mix

StigmaGames, 2012-Present
Title: Audio Director, Sound Design, Composer
•Promoted to lead the audio team of 4 individuals and recruit and train over 30+ voice actors in a very
interesting MMORPG dealing in hard fantasy do for alpha testing anticipated in January, 2014

Lokisplanet Inc., 2011-2013
Title: COO, Additional Positions:Sound Design, Composer
•Promoted to the only other board position within the company with direct influence and communication over 100K dollars worth of assets and a membership base of at its height nearly 20,000+ members •Organized and executed the business plan, marketed and was awarded over 50K for our company to attend the Game Developers Conference for 2012 and E3 2012 providing 25 individuals full arrangements for travel plus the purchasing of a 10x10 turn key booth for the expo room floor, company display merchandise and day by day attack plan to maximize our effectiveness and attention
•Directly responsible for LokisPlanet finding partnerships and working relationships cutting costs and making use of numerous assets within our network to include Pinnacle College, PrideAnimation Studios, StigmaGames and Ridgeline Entertainment
•Individually participated and managed our sound team to create a streamlined approach for our numerous databases that manage over 400+ audio assets including a variety of music, sound effects and programming files

Pride Animation Studio, 2011-2012
Title: Audio Director, Co-Producer, Composer, Sound Designer
•As the audio supervisor for an animation studio I improved the training and internship program for 8 audio engineers, resulting in increased workflow and job completion success rate of 100% during my tenure
•Hired and voice managed an acting team of 15 people for the animation show
•Created a database for the studio adding audio assets numbering over 800 samples
•Composed / Engineered original music for each of the 12 characters and the opening theme segment for two animation shows
•Created a marketing campaign that successfully resulted in funding through a variety of social media networks and Kickstarter programs

United States Navy, Honorable Discharge, 1998-2007
Title: Petty Officer Second Class (FMF/SW) 8404
Analytical, detail-driven Military Professional with a solid background and training performing a wide array of medical functions, from basic disease/injury treatment, to emergency medical response
8 years of experience and training as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and working in operating room environments where my dynamic communication skills used to interface with patients, co-workers and management was done in a congenial, professional manner
Six years of Marine Corps assignment within the 1st,2nd and 3rd Marine Divisions
Extensive expertise in the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of an array of complex medical and operating room equipment
Intuitive leader, with experience providing leadership, management and training to groups of various sizes across multiple disciplines
Proven ability to excel in fast-paced, high-stress environments requiring quick-thinking, spur-of-the-moment decision making

Education and Credentials:
Pinnacle College
Sound Master Recording Engineer Certificate
Berklee School of Music Graduate
Orchestration for Film and Games
Brandman University Graduate
Bachelors of Arts in Business & Organizational Communication

Miles Hancock, Audio Lead, Composer, @ Forsaken Studios
Brian Linville, Owner, StigmaGames
Grant Reeves, Composer / Musician
Patrick Haight, Mastering Engineer @ Burger Records, Morgan Hill, CA (916) 366 3431
Scott McChane, Assistant Gear Geek @ Tape Op Magazine (916) 849 3703
Casey Hartwell, Director of Career Services @ Pinnacle College, Rancho Cordova, CA (916) 520 2506 Jonathan Robinson, President of Loki’s Planet, Inc. (916) 745-5471
Micheal Peugh, Navy Chief Independent Duty Corpsman (FMF/SW/PJ) (760)-683-4258