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DJ Williams

Freelance Writer & Proofreader

Location:United States
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I've always enjoyed writing. When I was in the 5th grade I had two of my first written poems published in a poetry book and could remember how proud my grandmother was this transpired. I was never very good with math so my above average grades in English,Language Arts, and Reading really helped me out, keeping my GPA up to par and eventually helping me graduate high school. I ended up studying Cosmetology through Indian River Community College in Ft. Pierce, FL and always told myself that once I had found the career I was most passionate about I would pursue it. I always enjoyed the beauty industry and was content having mastered it, however, I never would have expected it to actually feel like a "job". I have recently come to decide that writing is where my heart is. I do not have any award winning novels, nor do I have credentials with any top University's, however, I hope that this resume to become a freelance writer will be enough to consider me helpful to some people out there who need a hand in areas they, themselves may be brilliant in but do not have the tools necessary to make their dreams a reality, whatever that may be.
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