El Hadji M'Baye

Freelance Help Desk Freelancer & Network Administrator

Location:Newark, New Jersey, United States
2 Skills
201 South 11th Avenue ? Newark, New Jersey 07107 ? mobile: (201) 234-7592

To obtain a position within an information services environment that will provide an opportunity for professional growth.

Compaq Personal, Hewlett Packard Laser Printers, Bell and Howell scanners, Dell and Seagate’s equipments, Blackberry, Barracuda.


Dos 6.2 Command and Utilities, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Word office 97, 2000, XP, and 2007; Outlook 97, 98, and 2002; Novell NetWare 4.11, Windows 2000 server, windows 2000 professional, Exchange 2000 Server, Windows 2003 server, Windows 2008 server, windows XP professional, Exchange 2000 Server, Exchange 2003 Server, Exchange 2007 Server, Windows Shadowing, Double Take, FTP, PcAnywhere, Remote Desktop, Norton Antivirus and WEBROOT spy sweeper enterprise edition. Create remedy tickets and login through Citrix to reset user’s passwords, Exchange Relay, BARRACUDA, WINS, DNS, DHCP and SQL server, Java.

• PC Systemboard; Disassembling and Assembling, Installing and Troubleshooting Floppy Drives and CD-ROMS. Installing a Hard Drive, Partitioning and Formatting using FDISK and FORMAT utilities, Installing Dos 6.22 and Upgrading with Windows 3.1, Extensive use of DOS internal and external Commands, Setting up networks, and Firewalls.
• Configuring DOS and Windows Environment, Data Processing Concepts and Procedures, Installing and Troubleshooting Windows 95, Windows NT, Novell NetWare 4.11. Installing Server, Creating Users and Assigning Security Access, Right to Directories, LAN Administration, and Administrating Exchange 2000 Server. Configure and maintain DNS and DHCP servers.
• Overview of OSI layer, Operating and Configuration Cisco ISO Software, Setting up Routers, Selecting Configuration modes, Console and AUX configuration, TFTP configuration, Creating configuration files, IP Routing Protocols, Distant Vector and Link State Protocol Comparison, Implement Static Router, Implement Static Router, Configuration of IP and IPX Router.
• Assigning IP address and submitting, Monitoring and maintaining of routing tables, Setting up basic configuration of IPX, Configuration of Interfaces on LAN/WAN networking, Configuring protocols such as: ISDN, Frame Relay, etc.
• Configuring Standard and Extended Access-list, Troubleshooting Cisco Routers, Configuring the 1900 catalyst switch, setup UPS.
• Install, configure and support BARRACUDA spam filtering.
• Java Programming

• Fluent in French
• Consistently met multiple deadlines
• Effectively procure Software and Hardware through cost effective means
• Support all systems disaster recovery and security audit processes


IT Instructor AT Campus, Jersey City New Jersey___________________________________03/12-Present
1. Begin class on time in an orderly, organized fashion.
2. Courteous to and approachable by students.
3. Follow approved policies and procedures in the conduct of all instructional activities.
4. Use effective motivation to help stimulate a personal desire to learn the subject/skill(s).
5. Constantly strive to improve instruction through:
a. Self-analysis and evaluation.
b. Observation and study of new instructional techniques for lecture, laboratory or performance courses.
c. The use of technology where applicable to enhance the learning environment.
d. Re-evaluation and re-definition of instructional objectives.
e. Continual revision and updating of course content and materials of instruction.
f. Attendance at the division meetings, conferences on improvement of instruction, and such activities as may be required for self-improvement.
g. Initiation and/or participation in overall department/division wide program development, maintenance, evaluation, revision and/or expansion.
6. Meet and assist students during office hours or by appointment at other reasonable times.
7. Prepare complete course syllabi.
8. Utilize standard methods of evaluation listed in course outlines or other materials

Senegal Technologies, Newark, New Jersey 05/11- Present
IT Consultant / Technician

• Works with server vendors to resolve issues, keep OS & patches current.
• Purchase IT Equipment

• Ensures disc capacity is adequate.

• Proactively monitors server/email performance, adjusts/balances loads as required.

• Makes day to day changes to the Windows Server infrastructure as required.

MDDI, Edison, New Jersey 01/10- 05/11
IT Consultant

Image Processing System, Secaucus, New Jersey 10/00- 01/10
Network and Exchange Server Administrator

• Monitoring existing server capacity, adding/configuring to stay ahead of growth.

• Works with server vendors to resolve issues, keep OS & patches current.

• Ensures disc capacity is adequate.

• Proactively monitors server/email performance, adjusts/balances loads as required.

• Makes day to day changes to the Windows Server infrastructure as required.

• Updates virus scan software, responding to virus attacks.

• Creates tools to streamline common tasks.

• Performs first-line problem resolution for Windows Server issues

• Author’s technical tips for Help Desk & user base.

• Creates and documents processes.

• Updates tickets in call tracking application.

• Performs on call duties.

• Creates/sends notifications to the company relative to email & Windows Server outages. troubleshooting network clients and servers
• Exchange Server support
• Daily maintenance of Exchange servers
• Removal of archives, employee box archives, setting and keeping database limits overall and by user
• Managing of Distribution lists,
• Server monitors to ensure uptime and reliability as well as Inbound/Outbound queue monitoring to deliver real-time communication
• Anti-virus updates and configuration to block the latest virus and worm threats
• Set up and maintain mail flow
• Secure mail paths to allow for fluid message transfer
• Support Customer Service main application connectivity
• Alter security to allow for relays by specified clients
• Apply service packs, hotfixes and patches for Windows server products including Exchange.
• Mail Systems Backend Support
• Installation and maintenance of spam solutions
• Ensuring mail delivery and mail flow
• Designing and redirecting mail flow for efficient spam filtering and virus and worm removal
• Configuration to block unwanted file types, spam and unwanted mail
• In-house Mail Support
• Setting up and open connections for multi-system internal mail relays
• Configuring Remote users full Outlook/Exchange connectivity by maintaining services needed for connection
• Security and Configuration
• Maintain and install patches and product updates for the Outlook Web Remote Access server
• Place server security certificates in product to allow for secure, private connections
• Remote support for VPN users via phone, email
• Install, configure and support VERITAS backup products
• Disaster kit for maintained exchange servers
• Drive imaging for fast recovery of primary data
• Implement and maintain user share server security, permissions and backup schedule
• Network Support
• Hard Disk Drive replacements, Warranty parts and RAM installations RAID and multi-RAID set ups on Compaq Enterprise server allowing for optimal database hardware environment
• DHCP server maintenance and resolve client connection issues
• Routine maintenance and patch installations for Lawson Financial server
• Set up new servers security and configuration to be moved into production environment
• Experienced in hardware provisioning, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. Knowledge of LAN/WAN networking, setting up servers, and workstations
• Experienced with network maintenance including security services, load monitoring, system resiliency, back-up, and restore.
• Knowledge of networking standards, protocols, security, troubleshooting, and performance tuning.
• Advanced LAN knowledge and experience, of Microsoft Windows
• Group Policy Management
• Install, configure and support Microsoft Clustering
• Install, configure and support Double Take
• Shadow copy

Smartworld Technologies, New York, New York 03/00-10/00
Freewwweb.Com a Free Internet Service Provider Company
Member Service Help Desk Representative
• Provide web based electronic messaging outsource services to Internet Service Provider (ISP’s). Consult with approximately 100 members daily via e-mail and telephone in English and French.
• Instruct clients though the process of system configuration and the setting up of POP3 access and web based mail. Analyze and trouble shoot problems such as logins, receiving/sending e-mail messages, and memory, storage and attachments errors through Windows. Provide instruction and guidance in setting up external mail and forwarding e-mail packages.

United Parcel Service, Secaucus, New Jersey 06/99-03/00
• Assisted with loading and unloading of packages shipped throughout the U.S. and oversees and accurately sorted and distributed packages for distribution

PRICEMART, Jersey City, New Jersey11/98-06/99
Assistant Manager
• Promoted to Assistant Manager from Cashier, Trained and supervised new employees. Handled inventory/stock shipments, Interacted with customers and vendors daily. Accurately balanced receipts and disbursements at days close


New Jersey City University 2002 to present
Currently pursuing a Bachelor in Computer Science

Microsoft Access and Data Recovery Seminars 2002
I attended Several Seminars to learn more about databases and backups.

The PC Tech Institute, Jersey City, New Jersey2000
Microsoft Exchange Server Certified
Completed Preparation courses for MCSE Certification in Windows 2000

The PC Tech Institute, Jersey City, New Jersey2001
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certified
Completed Preparation courses for MCSE Certification in Windows 2000

The Chubb Institute, Jersey City, New Jersey2000
Diploma in Computer Technical Support
STAR (Study Training Assistance Resource)
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Help Desk
Network Administration