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Hi.. My name is Abby. I am a graphic designer for one big reason I love making a design that a customer knows they have in their minds come true. Figuring out a design is a challenge that I love facing. I have had a love for computersand art, and now I get to put them together. It's not been easy to reach this goal but I am glad I never gave up. Almost 10 years working towards completing this dream (as you will see on my resume). I started to think that maybe I was
wrong. I wasn't at all wrong I know this is the right job for me. Designing is something I feel strongly about. I have learned the commonly used software - the Adobe Creative Suite, Dreamweaver, Flash, Muse, WordPress, Quark, Mac or IBM, and the Office software. I am the type of person that doesn't mind deadlines, multi-tasking, learning new software, or working with or without a team. I am strong minded when I think I am right, but I am not afraid to be

Unfortunately I don't have much job experiences in the design world. My most recent project which is on my website - the greeting card for the city of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I also spent 6mnths as a marketing intern for the City and County of Denver Parks and Rec Office. Where I was the only designer in thedepartment. It was tough but fun. Well that's it...

Abby Arnett
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