Paul Stewart

Freelance Consultant & Engineer

Location:Potomac, Maryland, United States
2 Skills
I have spent the last 20 years, give or take a month here and there, earning the most of my income through various methods in the IT field. I have worked as a programmer, database administrator, network engineer, systems adminstrator, sales engineer, engineering manager and technical architect. I also am skilled as a carpenter and instructor and do a bit of writing here and there.

Along the way, I manged to pick up my bachelor's degree and Master of Business Adminstration, so I have some formal training in business processes and have done some side work writing business plans, stategy documents and performing various types of modeling and optimization exercises for small to mid sized businesses.

I am looking to gain more flexibility my employment, and am pursuing a number of options to make that happen. The reason for this is fairly simple, I have a passion for assisting widows and orphans in Africa and the Middle East, and having to hold down a "normal" job gets in the way of being able to go and offer support when it is needed most.
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