Julie Morgan

Freelance Advertising Photographer & Event Photographer

Location:Brandon, Florida, United States
2 Skills
Julie Morgan

Wrtier, photographer


For the last three years I have managed and served as publisher for two weekly newspapers in Oklahoma. I wrote the majority of copy, reported and created the copy, sold advertising, designed pages and photographed everything for content. I grew up in the newspaper business and had to assume this role due to the illness of my father.
I have served as the primary photographer at festivals, conventions, large and small weddings, promotions and resort activities. Producing images for large and small groups to chronicle and document their trips and activities through slide shows, video, DVD, cd and print. I am adept in Adobe Photoshop CS3, Lightroom 2, scanning of transparencies and E-6 processing. As a photographer I use both film and digital SLR cameras. As a videographer I have filmed, edited and produced 1000’s of speculative and custom videos for divers and non-divers. I edit with Final Cut Pro. As an instructor of photo and video I have trained 100’s of divers in capturing images on film and video.


Post Graduate, University, of Texas, Austin, Texas (life drawing, graphic arts, photography, advanced art history, Egypt, Greece, architecture)

1984 Bachelor of Fine Art, University of Texas, Austin, Texas life drawing, painting, intaglio, sculpture)

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma

May 2010 to Jan. 2013
Hughes County Times and Weleetkan newspapers, Wetumka, OK
Reporting, writing, photography and managing editor
Jan/Feb/Mar 2011
‘Fam’ trips for Caradonna Dive Adventures promotional videos for web and trade shows
Destinations: Fiji - Jan/Feb and Curacao - March
November 2009- May 2010
Cane Bay Dive Shop, St Croix USVI
Dive instructor and photo and video
July 2009 – Patly Productions; Paris, France
Underwater video footage for PBS series on Pohnpei and Yap in Micronesia
October 2007 - July 2009
Manta Ray Bay Hotel – Manta Visions, Yap; Fed. States of Micronesia
Photo - Video Professional – manager
Provide video and photo services for guests through group and custom videos, photo shoots, instruction/classes, rentals and dvd/cd services, Produced a compilation dvd titled “Wonders of Yap’.
December 2004 - August 2007
The Weleetkan, newspaper, Weleetka, Oklahoma
Managing Editor – reporting, writing, editing, photography, advertising sales and layout
June 2004-December 2004
Assignment and freelance photography and writing: Sport Diver magazine, Caradonna Caribbean Tours, television production sets of “Arrested Development” and “American Dreams”.
Feb. 2003-June 2004
Divi Tiara Beach Resort; Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands
Photo Tiara photo professional – Shoot, and produce a week in review slide show for the guests, sell the slides, perform E-6 process daily, shoot & produce dive videos/DVD’s , underwater photo instruction and rentals.
July 2002-December 2002
Emocean Photo & Video; Sinai Divers, Sharm el Sheik & Dahab, Egypt
Videographer and Photo Professional - Shoot, sell and produce daily videos and photo instruction.
May 2002-July 2002
Dive Turkey-Magic Life Resorts, Kemer & Bodrum Turkey
Produce promotional video on water sports and shoot and produce diving videos for guests.
September 1999-April 2001
Great Photo Adventures at Harbour Village, Bonaire, N.A.
Establish and operate a new photo facility, photo & video instruction, shoot & produce and sell UW videos & photos of guests, photos for advertising & special events, weekly slide show of my work, order & maintain inventory & maintain rental equipment.
June 1995 – September 1999
Sand Dollar Dive & Photo, Bonaire, N. A.
Photo Professional - Shoot & Produce videos daily, photo shoots, photo & video instruction, maintain rental and sales of instruction, photos, videos, supplies & equipment. Shoot and produce trade show promotion video of resort and diving yearly.
August 1993 - June 1995
Photo Tours, Capt. Don’s Habitat, Bonaire, N.A.
Photo Professional - Photo & video instruction, shoot & produce videos, maintain & rent equipment.

Caradonna Worldwide Dive Adventures – Fiji Fam Video - 11:59/4 min.
Caradonna Worldwide Dive Adventures – Blue Curacao – 15 sec/ 30 sec
• Bel-mar Oceanfront Resort Apartments, Bonaire, N.A. (photos for print ad, brochure, web, interiors, exteriors, aerial) 2002
• Bonaire Nights, Bonaire, N.A. (land, underwater photos) 2000
• Bonaire Sunfish Sailing Competition, Bonaire, N.A. (video and print) 1997-98
• Capt. Don’s Habitat, Bonaire, N.A. (aerial) 1999
• Capt. Wooks Restaurant, Bonaire, N.A. (photo for ad.) 2001
• Caradonna - Continental Airlines Brochure (underwater, land photo) 2005, 06
• Caradonna Dive Tours (brochures, print ad, web, underwater, land, aerial)
• Caribbean Travel and Life (underwater photo) July 05
• Continental Airlines (photo ad, brochure) 2006
• Dive Training (underwater photos) 1998, 99, 00
• Divi Tiara Beach Resort; Divi Resorts; (photos for print ad. and brochures, interiors, exteriors, underwater) 2003-2005
• Essence (eco tourism photos of writer for magazine, land) 1998
• Fathoms Magazine, issue 19, Jawfish feature
• Four Seasons Resort Condominiums, Sharm el Sheik, Egypt (photo. Interiors, exteriors, property presentation, print) 2002
• Harbour Town Realty, Bonaire, N.A. (aerial photos for real estate)
• Harbour Village Beach Resort, Bonaire, N.A. print ads, promotional video, property shoot, interiors, exterior, underwater, aerials) 1999-02
• Homesteaders Quartet (photos for DVD, print, ad) 2006
• Kunuku Band, Hello (cd cover photo)
• Lagoon Hill Resort, Bonaire, N.A. (photo. for print ad. brochure, exteriors, interiors) 2001
• Ocean’s Illustrated, (feature, article underwater photos) 2001
• Power Cruising (aerial photo) fall 2004
• Reef Fish ID (underwater photo) 2002
• Rodale’s Scuba Diving (underwater photo) 1998-99, 01, 02, Feb 04
• Sand Dollar Dive & Photo Condominiums and Resort, Bonaire, N.A. (print ad. and promotional video for trade shows: property shoot interiors, exterior, underwater, aerial) 1995-99
• Sensational Seas DVD (underwater photo.)
• SkinDiver (photo annual, underwater photo) Sept. 02
• Sport Diver (underwater, land, articles) Mar 01, Feb 03, Sept 03, April 04, May 04, July 04, Aug. 04, Sept. 04, Oct. 04, Nov. 04, Dec. 04, Mar. 05, May 05, June 05, Sept. 05, Oct. 05, Jan./Feb. 06, Mar. 06, April 06, Oct.06, Jan. 07, April 07, June 07
• Sport Diver Media Kit (underwater photo) 2004
• Sport Diver Photo Annual (underwater photo) Oct. 2003, 04, 05, 06
• Sport Diver, World’s Best Dive Resorts (underwater photo) 2006
• Sport Fishing (underwater photo) Oct 2003
• Tradewinds (in flight magazine for ALM, land, underwater photos) 1997, 98, 99
• Travel & Leisure (underwater photo) 2002
• ‘Wonders of Yap’ 2008 dvd for sale
• Patly Productions – underwater film work for French PBS series on Pohnpei and Yap


• Antinea Foundation (media show and brochures) 2005,06
• Maria Hopner Foundation, Bonaire, N.A. (photo calendars) 1994, 95, 96
• Best of Bonaire (photos, underwater) 2005
• Bonaire Dive Festival (event photographer both underwater and land) 1997-01
• Bonaire Dive Festival (photos for print advertising, underwater, land) 1997-01
• Bonaire Marine Park (photos for brochures, poster, underwater, land) 1996-2006
• Bonaire Restaurant Guide (restaurant interiors) 2001
• CORAL (images for universal slide presentation on conservation) - 2001
• Guide to Bonaire (photos, underwater, land) 2001
• REEF – Sensational Seas DVD, 2005
• Tortugas Club (educational underwater marine video for children) 1998
• Tourism Corporation of Bonaire (photos for print advertising, underwater, land) 2000-03
• Turtle Club Bonaire (underwater photos and video for research and print ad.) 1998
• Nature’s Best Photography, (video, photographer Greg W. Brown, Nature channel) 1999
• Bonaire Limpi (cleanup video presented to US congress) 1999
• Save Klein Bonaire (video footage, prevent the development of Klein Bonaire)
• International Year of the Reef, (promotional video) 1997



Available on request