Rachel Anft

Freelance Nature Photographer & Comic Writer

Location:Odenton, Maryland, United States
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Rachel Anft
2210 Breeze Court, Odenton, Maryland 21113
443-841-9789/ Rachel.Anft@gmail.com

I am a 21-year-old senior at Towson University, in Odenton, Md, where I am earning my BA in Film Studies. Since transferring to Towson last year, I have become a founding member of an independent film company along with two of my friends. We are currently working on our first project, a web series called: Bait and Switch. I'm producing, directing, writing, and acting in the series, chipping in on cinematography duties as needed. We have come together as a team to make this project a reality, utilizing lots of communication and teamwork--facets of production that I am particularly fond of. I have been advertising this web series on numerous social networking sites, including Facebook, tumblr, and deviantart. I also post in forums and link them to our YouTube channel. That channel also contains side projects such as Baits Blogs pointing out that the character Bait is a comic book fan herself. Before attending Towson University, I went to Minnesota State University-Moorhead, making 16mm films on the Bolex and the Ariflex. As I wrote, produced, directed, and edited scenes for final projects, I also became well-acquainted with digital techniques. These projects included: The Navigatrix, A scene from John Fowles: The Collector, Asylum (done on 16mm). I also helped several other students make films. While studying in Minnesota, I was hired by a company called Specialty Commodities in Fargo, North Dakota to serve as cinematographer and producer for a web-based cooking show, a position I held for 18 months. As a dramatic arts student at Carver Center Technical and Vocational High School (also in Towson, Md.), I acted in several plays and spent a summer interning for the video business run by Ed Rheal, a prominent Baltimore producer. I seek out filmmaking opportunities that offer me the chance to develop my passion for good work and be creative within a team of good people.
Film Highlights
• Producing - Strong Communication Skills
• Film Editing -Strong creative vision
• Digital Film Editing -Team player
• Adobe Photoshop Skills -Outgoing
• Screenwriting -Determined
• Adobe premiere editing software -Always willing to go the extra mile
• Cinematography Skills
• Understanding of lighting
• Directing
• Costuming
• Some Final Cut experience

Raised money in donations on IndieGoGo to fund my up and coming web series: Bait and Switch. I advertised the web series in order to get fans before it comes out via tumblr, Facebook, and deviantart. I created other side projects such as blogs and a mini-series in order to promote Bait and Switch. Produced and acted in several 48-hour film festivals.I produced a Web cooking show from Fargo, N.D. I have become familiar with using the major analog and digital film tools.

Experience: Starting from most current to previous works
Company: Stumble Bound Pictures City: Towson State: MD
Job(s): Producer/Director/Writer/Actor
Bait and Switch: Two villainesses trying to escape their pasts although they (their pasts) quickly catch up with them as they have to deal with a plucky FBI agent on their tails and a big baddy named The Nightmare. (On-going web series.)

Company: Specialty Commodities City: Fargo State: ND
Job(s): Producer/Director/ Cinematography
Cooking Show:
Shopping, creating and sampling, all things that are done on the Specialty Commodities web show starring the manager of the Fargo North Dakota branch, Randy Peterson. He would create these recipes on the fly, only going with a single theme as to what he was in the mood for that day or what kind of meat he had before hand.

Company: 48 Hour Film Project City: Fargo State: ND
Job(s): Producer/Assistant Director/Editor
Pop: About a dentist who goes into a Lutheran church thinking he killed one of his patients all the while there is a little girl listening in who might actually know something about the person who died. 5 minute short.

Company: City: Moorhead State: MN
Job(s): Producer/Assistant Director/ Animator/ Assistant Costume Designer
Spiritus: A story about a man who can sense ghosts and profits from getting rid of them. In this particular case, he has to free a corrupted senator from the clutches of evil spirit known as Glutton. (Shot on 16mm film using the Ariflex. Ten minute short.)

Company: City: Moorhead State: MN
Job(s): Production Assistant
Life of Evelyn: A story of two children who seemingly live with their father in a remote home until their real father shows up and is killed by the man who abducted them, calling himself their father. (Shot on 16mm using the Ariflex. 8 minute short.)

Company: City: Moorhead State: MN
Job(s): Producer/ Director/ Costume Designer/Editor
Adaptation of a scene from John Fowles: The Collector: Ferdinand Clegg, a butterfly collector and recent lottery winner, has purchased a house in the country. When he goes into town he always follows this young woman named Miranda. He becomes so enthralled with her he kidnaps her and leaves her in the basement and collects her like he does his butterflies. (10 minute short)

Company: City: Moorhead State: MN
Job(s): Producer/ Director/ Writer/ Cinematographer/ Costume Designer/Editor
Illusions: A story about two people who live within the Asylum. They both think the outside world is where people are truly crazy until someone opens the door. (Shot on 16mm film using the bolex. 5 minute short.)

Company: City: Moorhead State: MN
Job(s): Producer/ Director/ Writer
The Navigatrix: A story about a man, Gabriel, falling head over heels for his GPS. (5 minute short)

Company: Ed Reahl Productions City: Reisterstown State: MD
Job(s): Editing/ Teaching
Teaching inner city students about the wonders of filmmaking as well as editing and logging shows that will be going on TV.

Bachelors of the Arts in Film Studies:
Towson University- Baltimore, MD Graduation: 2015

Bachelors of the Arts in Film:
Minnesota State University Moorhead- Moorhead, MN

Carver Center for Arts and Technology- Baltimore, MD Graduation: 2010
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Nature Photography
Comic Writing