Freelance Proofreader & Graphic Designer

Location:Visalia, California, United States
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Ready to pop the question, but not so great with putting your feelings into words? Not a problem. Give me some background stories that hold meaning about your relationship. Tell me key things about yourself and the special bride/groom to be. I will do my best to capture what you feel inside and place them into words for you. Several options will be returned back to you for your use. Feel free to take what you need and change phrases. It's just an outline to guide you.
Also, I can provide grammatical/punctuation/format editing of any written drafts. If desired, constructive criticism of reviewed written works upon request. I am an experienced writer of 15+ years.

Need a word artistically modified for your business or asomething as simple as a tattoo? Send the word to me, along with a description of what you envision, the message you want to send, bits of your character, whatever you feel applies, etc. You will receive several hand-drawn pictures of that word. Color upon request.

Counseling services provided. Submit problems, questions, concerns, etc. I care about you and wish you the best in this life. Consider me the stranger you can cast your cares upon. I will not turn you away.
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Graphic Design