DeBorah Fields

Freelance Creative Writer & Office Manager

Location:United States
2 Skills

DeBorah's work abilities covers offbeat FOB piece or 3,000 word narrative feature, her work is consistently accurate and delivered by deadline. A published Author.

Her stories have appeared in Godly Lifestyles Magazine and other publications, and content writing for blogs.

A dependable, accomplished and versatile writer, She's covered a wide array of topics that include the controversial issues surrounding church and state. Her work often focuses on stories that explore the economy and the environment, as well as news reports. She has the ability to transform an idea for a story into a finished piece that is well-researched, well-written, that can hold the reader attention to the finish of every article.

DeBorah began her writing career in 1999 as the owner and editor of the Godly Woman website, that sky rocketed into a series of websites, blogs and magazines. She has written hundreds of articles on Spirituality and religion, covering everything from life styles,mentor ship, leadership among other topics.

Since she has many interests besides spiritual and religion, DeBorah can successfully write on a wide range of topics,
She possesses an extensive knowledge of political, religion, women issue, herbal, and alternative health and beauty secrets, healing methods, food, economical and environmental issues and has been featured on many subjects.

DeBorah has a profound understanding of web writing, and is skilled at getting to the heart of a subject with minimal word use and with thoughtful page layout. She knows how fickle web readers are and understands the need to grab and keep their attention.

She enjoy writing and conceptualizing, alongside designing, copy writing and editing web content. She is an open source enthusiast, an advocate for many causes including living green.

She is creative, intelligent, fun loving, responsible, self-disciplined, and enthusiastic. She can write almost everything & anything. She has a passion for writing, especially creative writing, including but not limited to poetry which she is an award winning poet, fiction, and nonfiction. Her intention is to share knowledge with the world through her writing.