Dan Johnson

Freelance Graphic Designer & Logo Designer

Location:American Fork, Utah, United States
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N. Daniel Johnson
5001 West 6515 South West Jordan, Utah 84081; (cell) 801-652-1196

I have a desire to work in an atmosphere where quality is appreciated and I can utilize my skills and educational interests in computer graphics to support the presentation of superior artistic representation.

Half Moon Studio is a consortium of craftsmen organized to provide interior finishes in fine homes and buildings. I began as a novice by preparing areas for work and cleaning up after the work was done. My skills have evolved to actual painting, leafing, staining, faux finishes, and custom carpet sculpting. While still an amateur, my training to date has been from some of the finest craftsmen providing work for high-end customers through well-established designers and architects in the around the country.

While working with Halfmoon Studio, I have been given the opportunity to contract with the LDS Church for jobs in brand new, and recently renovated buildings around the world. On these ventures, my graphic art abilities have given me the edge to see all projects through the fine points of a finished product. While working with this consortium I have gained great appreciation for attention to detail.

Starting with a hand drawn rendering, I replicate the design on the computer to electronically represent ideas that are can be difficult to comprehend without visual aid realization. What started as “line tracing,” has evolved into a procedure of full-fledged graphic design and creation. My contribution brought the art of hand draw sketches and the craftsmanship of scale drawing to a technology demanding business environment.

This job opportunity became an introduction to the career options in graphic design. ProTools offered me the chance to expand my talents across many different fields of product application. Every day, a new challenge gave me the opportunity to rise to the occasion and consistently impress my employers by taking my ideas from start to finish. My technical experience has grown immensely while dealing with wide format printers, embossing and cutting machines, laser engravers, and many more utilities that make up the print marketing world. My time with ProTools also dramatically increased my multitasking skills, and my ability to meet strict deadlines for individual clients and worldwide business conventions alike.

My immaculate attention to detail came into play with this career as an auto body detailer. Eventually I was promoted to head office assistant, I became readily available to research parts, write estimates, and organize electronic and physical files. It was my pleasure to introduce a higher level of technological utilization and expand the use of industry software into a well-established business environment.

Superior customer relation skills make it possible for me to support company goals while also meeting customer needs. My positive interaction with customers earned me employee recognition more than once. Additional acknowledgement for the sale of the most extended warranties adorns my work history, as well. My work ethics, like staying until the job is finished, and preparing the store for the next day’s promotions, led to expanded responsibility across varied departments in the store.

At Jason’s Deli I provided final order preparation and delivery services. In a world where time is money, I learned that providing on time service is a key to good customer relations. I get a great deal of satisfaction from serving the customer. Representing the organization whether it is a small business or a HUGE corporation, I have taken pride in continuously meeting the demands of customer service.

ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE: I enrolled the spring semester of 2007. I am pursuing my degree in Graphic Design as my work schedules allows. In this field, I have had several in-depth classes that deal exclusively with Adobe’s CS3 Programs with emphasis in Illustrator and Photoshop. I am fortunate to apply my learning as I gain knowledge in the various areas of graphic design.

HILLCREST HIGH SCHOOL: Diploma in 2003, with major interests in graphics, literature, and travel. I maintained a high enough grade point average to be eligible for an Intern Program in Travel and Tourism beginning fall of 2001. I graduated with recognition for completion of the Intern Program.

ERIC PETERSON GUITAR: (THROUGH RIVERTON MUSIC) I pursued musical study to become a musician not just a guitar player. I am in my thirteenth year of guitar study and continue to develop my self-expression through music. I take advantage of technology available to today’s musicians with my expansive knowledge of GarageBand, iTunes and other music programs on the Apple computer. I enjoy the discovery of all kinds of new avenues in musical expression through both the guitar and the bass guitar.

ACADEMY OF TRAVEL AND TOURISM: This internship program, offered by the high school, provided college credit while preparing students for careers in the travel and tourism industry. The program began in the fall of 2001, and ended in the spring of 2003. I received my introduction to the value of good customer relations through study and internships available to me as a youth in this program.

Excellent people skills - good communicator
Appropriate use of discretion
Creative problem solver
Ability to learn new tasks
Punctual and dependable
Motivated by challenge
Passionate about conversion of ideas to visual presentation
Experienced to functional in programs including:
Adobe CS5 (Illustrator and Photoshop), Macromedia FreeHand MX, Corel Draw, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Roland VersaWorks. While my skills in varied computer programs are adaptable to Apple or PC platforms, I prefer to work on an Apple as I have my entire life.

Hobbies and Interest
Polymer sculpting, long board design and construction, jewelry design, designing CGI environments, developing one-of-a-kind illustrations, and resigning my desktop art.
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Graphic Design
Logo Design