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David Masterson

Freelance Video Producer & Television Producer

Location:DALLAS AUSTIN HOUSTON, Texas, United States
2 Skills
Producer / Director / FCP7 Editor / DP shooter /
Photographer / Set Design / Creative



www. / David Masterson Productions Inc. ( virtual tours)

Studio / On location suite: I edit on a monster MAC PRO -
16GB 1066 MHz DDR3 / 2X2.26GHz QUAD /
/ 5 HARD DRIVES @ 2 TB each with 2 33 inch LG HD monitors
( I offer on location shoot & edit package )

 Skilled & creative editor : Final Cut Pro 7 /  Adobe CS4
 Shoot & Edit packages preferred

Own & operate 3 cameras: shooting with a SONY EX1 ( twin 34GB cards)
as well as a pair of Canon MARK2 5d ( twin 32GB cards) with nice glass assortment. 50mm
prime / 28 105mm /15mm fish / 70-300mm ( can access any lens you need)  +
endless batt. supply :)

Lowell Lights Custom lights
Sennheiser & Sony lav's / RODE shotgun/ RODE stick mics
Kessler crane
Manffrantto tripods / heads
Kenyon Gyro K8

Shooting from open door choppers, gliders, hot air balloons, planes, watercraft
Over ten years I have logged 137 days in the Amazon filming in the
Jungle. Filmed in Panama, Costa Rica, throughout Mexico.
 Producer/ shooter/ editor of TV spots, shorts,music videos,corporate
gigs, offshore and industrial gigs,training and scientific shooting

 Worked for ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX & Outdoor Channel. Skilled in ENG/ EFP/ EPK
Produced Outdoor Chronicles for 2 years on Outdoor Channel.C. Producing a new outdoor show in 2012 on Sportsman Channel / airs March

Looking to expand my horizons with new and exciting projects!