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Location:Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
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I consider myself a detail oriented team player. I am punctual so I meet deadlines in a timely fashion. My passion is with motion graphics but have a hand in various areas in the whole graphic design field. My objective is to obtain a full time job as a graphic designer in a position what will allow me to utilize my experience in motion graphics

To be a contributing member to a graphic design team, applying my technical and creative abilities to the organization.
Adobe Photoshop CS4 / CS6
Adobe Illustrator CS4/CS6
Adobe After Effects CS4
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Adobe InDesign CS4
Final Cut Pro 7
LightWave 10
Text Wrangler
Microsoft Office 2007/2010
Mac OSX Windows XP/7
Graphics Design Student
TCC Visual Arts Center, Portsmouth, VA
2011 – 2013
??• Extensive experience with Adobe Creative Suite.
• Created advertisements, business logos, book covers, t-shirts, and various other designs using Adobe Illustrator.
• Applied photo touch-ups, masking techniques, and created movie posters and collages using Adobe Photoshop .
• Experienced with techniques that included crafting a motion path, animation opacity, scale and rotation, key framing, anchor points, faux motion, looping footage, 3-d spacing, and track mattes and nesting using track mattes using Adobe After Effects.
• Created advertisements, movie posters, book covers, and magazine spreads using Adobe InDesign CS4.
• Experience with Adobe InDesign CS4 to manipulate text and spacing.
• Edited and created movies and stop motion animation using Final Cut Pro.
• Created web pages using Text Wrangler and Adobe Dreamweaver.
Aviation Ordinance Technician United States Navy, Yokosuka, Japan
2005 - 2009
• Served on the USS George Washington CVN-73 with multiple responsibilities and duties.
• Team member for G-1 Division Armament Weapons Support Equipment responsible for build- ing and maintenance of skids, wagons, and other large ammunition.
• G-1 Division administration. Responsibilities included creating muster reports, emergency scenario training, managing qualifications outside of command, check-in of new recruits and check-out of those exiting the military.
• Maintained various logs such as emergency contact info and maintenance schedules of over 200 forklifts, skids, wagons using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
• Check in of cargo and luggage, check IDs, and scanning/imaging software.
• Ensured the safety of over 6,000 military personnel as a security patrolman.
Tidewater Community College
Completed Associates in Applied Science
Sandhills Community College
Completed Associated in Fine Arts.

Graduated (2013)
Graduated (2000)
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Ad Design
Banner Design