Freelance T-Shirt Designer & Book Illustrator

Location:Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan
2 Skills
An innovative and versatile designer in textile, interior decoration, and industrial graphics.

graduated in Textile Design (with Honors) from National college of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan

Participated in the seminar of Design education for higher education and design history and theory with 85% success at Lahore, Pakistan from International consulting, Gernot Lenschow at Pakistan institute of Fashion and Design.LHR

Taught fine arts and textile techniques

Drawing instructor
private studio at residence
taught drawing, and textile techniques

Freelance Textile Designer
Fiza Lawn Mills
Design and color development for seasonal fabrics

Freelance Textile Designer
S. K. (fabric embroidery firm)
• Designed and chose color schemes for fabric embroidery
• Helped create a new product plan
Freelance Textile Designer
Get Style Outlet
Created designs for fabric embroidery

Freelance Textile Designer
Dezyno Garments (A.R.S. textiles: Denim exporters)
Created designs and color schemes for denim products

Lahore School of Fashion Design, Lahore
Taught the following courses:
• Foundation course for Ist year students
• Textile design for 2nd year students
• Textile techniques for 3rd year students

Interior Decorator
• Faisal Bank, Ferozpur Road, Lahore branch
• Faisal Bank, Choburji, Lahore branch
• Faisal Bank, Gujrat branch
Designed and produced fabric false ceiling

Freelance Textile Designer
Five Star Textile Mill, Faisalabad
Created designs and color schemes for printed fabric

Freelance Textile Designer
Salamat School System, Elementary Campus, Lahore
Costumes design and production

In-house Textile Designer
Elite Embroidery Mill
Created designs for embroidered fabric

Illustrator (for the following publications)
• WWF: Natura Magazine
• Ferozsons: Children’s story books
• Bookland Publisher: Text books

• Industrial designs
• Natural dying
• Tie and dye
• Felt making
• Screen printing
• Futuristic fabric designs
• Glass painting
• Batik
• Ceramics

Thesis project:
Inspirations from Sadequain’s Paintings
Medium: batik and screen printing, executed in 4 x 14 feet decorative panels

Proficient in CorelDraw 12, Adobe Photoshop, Textural Mapping, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint

Photography, sculpting, sketching, gardening
Skills (2) Rating
T-Shirt Design
Book Illustration