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Paul Cash

Freelance Painter & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Dallas, Texas, United States
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Hello and welcome to my page. Please feel free to take in my work, laugh or cry, pretty much the two emotions I aim for. I have been away from my page for awhile, but I am back. I will be in the CHOCOLATE and ART show from LA on Sept. 5th. As for me, I am cartoonist by nature, but over the past few years have picked up a paint brush. My main medium is Acrylic, and I refer to my work as Whimsical. I love humor and horror. I grew up reading THE FAR SIDE and BIZZARO, which, by my style of cartoons, you can see the large influence. I illustrated a children's book in 2013 "What's Wrong with Pauly" by Bj House. So, have fun, check me out!