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Cierria Mahr

Freelance Portrait Painter & Drawer

Location:Missouri, United States
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monochromatic painting. I am a naturally talented artist. I have experience in monochromatic painting. My painting, however, needs improving. I am yet to master the neatness in it. Although they have turned out ok. I am better at drawing though. Much better. I draw cartoons/people. I am also able to draw things out of imagination, not just what's in front of me. However, I have only drawn out of imagination 10 times or less. Usually a picture of a woman or girl. I mostly draw people but am open to other things if asked to be. I have done a lot of black and white(shaded) drawings. Currently have some on facebook. I mostly believe in drawing without the showing of lines. Because in real life, there are no lines...only implied lines. I have done self-portraits and portraits of people such as: Scarlett Johansson, Liv Tyler, Alicia Keys, Jars of Clay (Band), Mariah Carey, Gavin Degraw. As for cartoons: SpongeBob/Family Guy. But I usually draw muscians who I listen to who inspire me to draw them.
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Portrait Painting