Matthew Bible

Freelance Business Consultant & Ad Designer

Location:Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
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I'm all about finding a way to do things better. As a restaurant manager, I cut labor in half while creating incentives that not only didn't cost the company any money, but in many cases saved money. As an advertising sales representative I created ads on top of my other duties that the creative department sent straight to production. At UPS, I took a load being worked by 2-3 employees and loaded it by myself. I currently work in city government; and well, they aren't very interested in learning how to do things better! My degree is in Advertising with a minor in business. I'm known for having more ideas than I have time to pursue.

Some of what I am looking for would include the following:

People who have a complex business problem with no simple solution
People who run a business and are looking to make their labor more efficient
People who do not have the money to provide extravagant benefits to their employees, but are wanting to do something
People who need the next big idea for their business
People who need help with branding, marketing, or advertising
People who realize that those who always follow never lead
People who have an idea, but no clear method of implementing it
People who have had difficulty making good hires, and would like someone to assist in the interviewing process
People who have issues with customer complaints/customer service
People who need help with proofreading and technical writing
People who need to improve policies and procedures, as well as ensuring employees understand them
People who need assistance in updating their business/better utilizing technology available to them
If these sound close to what you are needing, but I haven't said it, by all means ask.

I'm a younger guy who realizes that opportunity isn't going to fall into my lap, and I have no reservations about working hard to build up my reputation. All I can ask for is the chance to prove that I can make a difference for you.
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Business Consulting
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