Kristen Hazley

Freelance Television Producer & Radio Producer

Location:Keller, Texas, United States
2 Skills
Kristen Hazley
9729 McFarring Dr, Fort Worth, Texas, 76244– 504.261.0373
Academic Experience
Full Sail University – Live Labs Winter Park, FL March 2011-March 2013
FOH Assistant, Monitor Engineer and Assistant, Moving and Conventional Light Engineer, Video Director, Broadcast
• Full Sail Show Production Road Crew
• Duties included setting up the power and stage for Monitors
• Setting up microphones and running cables for a 3 to 6 – piece band
• Rigging Motor Certified
• Jib Certified
• Studied and practiced being Video Director
• Input patching for 108 non-moving lights, focusing and gelling, along with color mixing LED’s
• Knowledge of stage and splitter patching, including console setup through PC sync and signal flow
• Input patching for 108 non-moving lights, focusing and gelling, along with color mixing LED’s
• Studies broadcast oriented
• Front of House Engineer
• Monitor Engineer
• Experience operating the Yamaha PM5D, Digidesign Venue, D-Show and Profile, Midas Verona and Sienna, and Digico SD7 and SD8 audio consoles
• System Set-Up, Rigging, and interfacing for Meyer, Dynacord and JBL knowledge
• Monitor Wedge and in-ear monitor and wireless experience
• Camera operation including black and white balance, shading, and jib operation of the HSF 300 and DX-50
• Experienced operating the Sony MFS-2000 Production Switcher and RCP-750 HD Remote Control Panel
• Knowledge of Final Cut Pro, SMAART, TEF, EASE, SIM 2 and 3, Quartz Composer, and Logic including basic knowledge of Pro Tools
• Operation of the ETC Element, GrandMa 2, and Hog PC.
• Experienced in Soldering and Troubleshooting reading Schematics and Wiring Diagrams
• Extremely hard worker, willing to travel, works well with people, can handle high stress situations, willing and used to working long hours
Full Sail University Winter Park, Florida March 2013
Bachelor of Science in Show Production and Touring