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Andrea is a passionate Creative Writer who is always excited to start a new project. . Building projects from scratch for over 30 years has given the expertise needed to accomplish quality products. All projects are original. All the created charts and proposals make my clients very happy. She has included several samples of her work in this Portfolio.

As a goal, securing a full or part time position in Creative Writing, is what she is pursuing. Her writing skills are exceptional for all work projects. Researched and compiled data will put your needs into a finely finished product. For more than 30 years Andrea has been writing and making spreadsheets. She thrives on this type of work, she will do her best for every party. Her skill to create from scratch based on data researched is one of her strong suits.

She is very diligent about her projects, making sure to meet all deadlines. Her ability to create a project with creativity is truly a gift. Her work will meet with the job requirements within the scope of work. She is able to create anything you would like from her own research and it will be an original document.

She does not plagiarize. Her feeling is, if she hasn’t written the project, then she should not be paid for it. She is open to all genres, and only need simple instruction and the basic data to create an original product.

Andrea McKinney


As a child, Poetry was an outlet for me. The creativity feeling is overwhelming at times, as in it makes me write when feeling this way and it is often. When the feeling comes, poetry flows out very well. Many of my readers are moved by my poetry.

Creative writing is a skill that I excel at. I wrote a book about my life and mental illness. It covers a multitude of information on how mental illness is developed to how to treat it. It covers the pitfalls of the illness of Bipolar Disorder. It is 160,000 words and 42 chapters long. It was praised as well written by readers.

Out in the work force, I secured positions in bookkeeping and accounting. Spending 15 years in the bookkeeping/accounting field, I gained a lot of experience in the financial realm. I worked as a manger in most of my positions. I used Word and Excel to create documents for the owner bids for work and for record keeping. I am proficient in Word and Excel.

I received my AA degree in Finance in 1990. When attending college, I earned enough credits to hold an AA degree in Business Administration because I changed degrees before I graduated. My accounting skills would be an asset to certain projects.

In January of 2000, I became disabled. I used the past eleven years writing poetry, creating the Healing House and my writing book. I am prepared to write for a living.

One Chapter from My Book
Bipolar Disorder
Nearly 6 million adults suffer from the disease of Bipolar Disorder and that number is growing everyday. It can be misdiagnosed as ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) in the early years. Often times, children are medicated for ADHD instead of Bipolar Disorder. When with a little more research, a proper diagnoses, would reveal it to actually be Bipolar Disorder. This is sad but a known fact. Children with ADHD often times have discipline problems. The symptoms are similar, and this is why it is hard to distinguish between the two. Sometimes children suffer from both. If your child has the symptoms, which I will cover in this chapter, please seek treatment for them from a licensed health professional and help them to adjust to their new illness. They don’t act but because they want to. Often times Bipolar Disorder or ADHD is the cause for the behavior. They will need medication and talk therapy to work through it, and learn to live a productive life. A person with Bipolar Disorder can live a productive life, they just need the proper diagnosis, medications and talk therapy. Suicidal ideations should be taken seriously under any circumstance, it may be a matter of an allergic reaction to a medication.

Bipolar Disorder is defined as severe Manic/Depression. The person who is afflicted with it has extreme highs and unforgiving lows, often with long periods of regularity in between. The medical association changed the name to Bipolar Disorder and made it more definitive. I feel that Manic/Depression is more descriptive of the disorder.
There are two types of Bipolar Disorder, Bipolar I and Bipolar II. People with Bipolar Disorder I, you will have a history of at least 1 episode of mania characterized by irritable moods that is severe enough to impair a person’s ability to function normally, in relationships, social situations and work environments. This manifests it’s self usually in the late 20’s and early 30’s. In Bipolar II a person experiences at least 1 episode of depression and at least 1 episode of severe mania that repeats itself.
Sometimes the treatment requires hospitalization to control the symptoms and treat the disorder. This can give the health care professional a better picture of which type you have. In most cases the patient is normally in a deep depression when seeing a doctor or in a state of regularity. The doctor never gets the chance to see the mania. You may experience the same thing. You may describe your manic episodes, but there is nothing better than them actually seeing you in action.
Bipolar Disorder I have many of the same symptoms as Bipolar II, however Bipolar II is not as severe. The symptoms are as follows:

1. Increased Activity
2. Less need for sleep
3. Euphoric mood
4. Racing thoughts
5. Forceful rapid speech

The warning signs are as follows:
1. Being in a sad mood
2. Being in an anxious mood
3. Excessive feelings of worthlessness
4. Loss of interest in pleasurable things (like *** and hobbies)
5. Difficulty concentrating

Bipolar Disorder II usually takes the form of depression. Manic episodes are defined as usually less severe in most cases is Hypomania.
Mania is defined as:
1. Feeling especially energetic or irritable
2. Being too talkative or unusually confident
3. Needing less sleep than usual
4. Being easily distracted
5. Becoming overly involved in pleasurable activities such as spending money
excessively or ***
6. Doing things that are out of character

The warning signs of depression include:

1. Being sad
2. Being in an anxious mood
3. Excessive feelings of guilt or worthlessness
4. Loss of interest in pleasurable activities (like *** and hobbies)
5. Difficulty concentrating

Along with the fore mentioned symptoms a person with Bipolar Disorder will have mixed episodes. This means that they will experience depressive mania. This is where you switch back and forth between mania and depression very rapidly. This can be very confusing to the person experiencing the episode and those around them. Your doctor can advise you on what to do in mixed episodes. It’s no wonder you don’t understand what is going on, this is a very confusing illness. This is called cycling.
With both, the treatment will include medications and talk therapy. It is very important to find a therapist you can trust with experience in Bipolar Disorder in any case. It is important to practice the following if you are Bipolar:
1. Avoid caffeine
2. Exercise
3. Eat a healthy diet
4. Get a good night’s sleep every night
5. Relax; anxiety can trigger mood episodes in many people
6. Reduce stress at home and at work
7. Get onto a schedule with your medications

It is really easy to feel regular after being medicated and many people do not stay med-compliant, because they start feeling better after the medications start working and they stop because they think they are cured. Or, they will find the side effects too much to take. Or, they may be against taking medication in the first place. There are many reasons as to why people stop taking their medications. This only leads to going backwards. You will have to start all over again. In many cases the medications can cause seizures and other complications if u stops suddenly, so beware of stopping your medications abruptly.
Bipolar Disorder can be genetic. If anyone in your genetic family has the symptoms, even if they have not been diagnosed, you are at a higher risk for developing the disorder. If you have Bipolar Disorder, changes in sleep patterns or daily routines put you at risk for manic episodes. Antidepressants can also trigger manic episodes. Also a stressful event may trigger a manic episode. Most job situations are filled with stress, which can trigger manic episodes. Alcohol and drug abuse can also trigger a depressive or manic episode. Alcohol is a depressant in the first place. These are the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.
Bipolar Disorder is an imbalance of serotonin, norepinephrine and/or dopamine in the brain. The medications replace these chemicals in the brain and maintain a healthy balance. There are many forms of medications to treat depression.

1. Tricyclic antidepressants or (TCA’s) are usually used to treat the depression at first. however you may find that you are allergic to these types of medications. Serotonin and norepinephrine help with the 2 levels of chemical messengers (neurotransmitters) in the brain. However they have many side effects as well, so many people are reluctant to use them.

2. Monomine oxidase inhibitors (MAIO’s) are another type of medication used in the early stages of treatment. These drugs are most effective in people with depression who do not respond to other treatments. However these types of medications are frequently not compatible with many other medications. Always remember, YOU Do Have A Choice In Your Treatment.

3. Selective serotinin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) are a newer form of antidepressant. Their work is with serotonin. They work by altering the amount of serotonin in the brain chemicals.

4. Serotonin and Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRI’s) are another newer form of antidepressant medicine. They treat depression by increasing the availability of the brain chemicals seretonin and norepinephrine.

Sometimes the side effects to these medications deter the individual from trying them. Some of the side effects are:

1. Dry mouth
2. Increased fatigue
3. Weight gain
4. Blurred vision
5. Sleeplessness
6. Bladder problems such as urine retention or incontinence
7. Daytime drowsiness
8. Muscle Twitching (tremors)
9. Dizziness
10. Increased heart rate
11. ****** problems

Therefore many people simply don’t take them or stop taking them abruptly while on them due to the side effects. This is not recommended. If you are Bipolar and are on medication DO NOT stops taking your medications abruptly. This type of action may throw you into seizures at an opportune times and may be life threatening. Such as while driving, or operating machinery.
It is important to note that you should not drink alcohol while taking these types of medications, as alcohol can seriously interfere with their beneficial effects.
In October 2004, the FDA determined that antidepressant medications might increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior in children and adolescents with depression and other psychiatric disorders. If you have questions of concerns regarding this, consult your physician. It is not only restricted to children. Adults are affected this way by these medications as well.
Another form of therapy is ECT. Depression is the main reason why doctors perform Electroconvulsive Therapy (ETC). It can be the fastest way to relieve the symptoms of depression for a patient who suffers from mania or other mental illnesses. It is usually used as a last resort. ECT is generally misunderstood by the general public. It has been used since the 1940’s and 1950’s. However many of the side effects have been related to the misuse of the equipment, incorrect administration, and improperly trained staff. Should you choose to use it as a last resort, please be well informed? The misconception that ECT is a quick-fix is also reason to avoid this type of therapy. The media has made unfavorable reports adding to the controversy over ECT. It is said that ECT is safe, when administered properly, and remains the most effective treatment available for depression. You should only pursue ECT as a last resort if you are deeply depressed and nothing else has helped. Remember they use YOUR seizures as a gauge to determine its effectiveness.
Another choice to pull yourself out of depression is putting all of your faith in God. This may seem simple, but it is very hard to do. I sought out God, gave myself over to him as my savior and now whole-heartedly believe in his healing powers. If you are unable to attend church; you can listen to a wonderful preacher on TV, the radio, or the internet. Her name is Joyce Meyer. And she preaches in a way that makes it easy to understand our responsibilities while on this earth. She preaches of the difference between feelings of the flesh and the blessings from God. It’s entirely up to you how you pursue your treatment, but nonetheless treatment is in order if you are experiencing the fore mentioned symptoms. Joyce Meyer has had a large impact on my life and I am happy how. This may not be the case for all, but may be helpful to some, as spiritual health is just as important as eating right and getting enough sleep.
A new study shows that the body clock may be mutated by mania. Some more of the symptoms of mania are as follows:
1. Unusually high energy
2. Less need for sleep
3. Excessive talk
4. Racing thoughts
5. Euphoria
6. Irritability
7. Inflated self-esteem
8. Hallucinations
9. Delusions of grandeur

The medication for mania includes but is not limited to the following.
1. Mood stabilizers like Lithium or Depakote, may help, but how these medications actually work is yet to be understood in the medical community.

2. Anti-psychotic medications such as Zyprexa, Risperdol and Geodon can be used in conjunction with the mood stabilizers in the beginning of the treatment.

3. Anti-convulsive medications like Lamictal can be added if the treatment isn’t progressing

4. Valium may be used instead of anti-psychotic medications or in addition to the mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics

If you suffer from mania you may need to take these medications for a period of time or maybe for the rest of your life. It is important that you accept this early on. People with Bipolar Disorder have a very delicate system and it is often very hard to maintain a medication balance. It is very common for the person with Bipolar to NOT remain med-compliant. Even though they may not like the side effects. If you do not remain med-compliant you will just experience the symptoms that you started with. This is not the way to get healthy. I beg of you, if you are Bipolar, for your family, friends and co-workers sake, remain med-compliant. They do not want to see you suffer the effects of the illness any more than you want to experience them.
Although your family doctor can prescribe psychiatric medications and diagnose Bipolar Disorder, it is recommended that you seek the treatment of a psychiatrist. The reason for this is that a family doctor only has limited knowledge of psychiatric medications. A psychiatrist is a specialist in the field of mental illness. Therefore to receive the proper treatment you should seek the treatment of a psychiatrist. If your family doctor has diagnosed you with Bipolar Disorder and he was smart enough to refer you to a psychiatrist to maintain a medication regiment, the psychiatrist will know what medications will work best for you. If you experience a family doctor who is not humble enough to realize that they are out of their league when it comes to psychiatric medications, please seek the treatment of a trained psychiatrist on your own. Do not allow your family doctor to maintain your medication regiment. You do have a choice. The general physicians simply do not have the training in this field of study. Living on the inside of the disease you don’t think that your thinking is in anyway inappropriate.

I remember a comment on one of my favorite TV shows. This person had a sister who was a drug addict among other things and behaved badly in general. Her comment was “Boy, I am glad I have the right brain chemicals”. She is a TV doctor and that was a script but how true her statement is for those who suffer from this as a family member, friend or co-worker with a mental illness. The producers of that show did a very good job of representing the disease. People realize that you see them as sick and in need of help. However people can have big egos too. And do not feel that they are doing wrong in their worlds. They are in their own little worlds, with their illness to keep them company. Our brains are a very dangerous place to be at times. Try to stay on the right side of the street in your head to stay level.
In that same TV show there is a nurse who has a Bipolar mother, her brother eventually becomes Bipolar as well. She is used to being the responsible one in the family, but she is forever on the outside of the illness and this frustrates her to the point of lying about her mother actually being her mother.
So, if you know someone who is suffering from the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, please be understanding. It really is confusing from both sides of the fence. It is most important to seek treatment if you are the afflicted, and to be supportive and attentive if you are the person that watches from the outside of the illness.

Other Projects:
Healing House
As an abused child I wanted to build an apartment: complex for the abuse men, women, and children in my area. The apartment complex was to consist of 200 units and include a managers unit and assistant managers unit.
The clients were going to come from the local battered women's shelters. They would come in for the first month free of charge of charge. And their rent would be charged on a sliding scale from that point on. I created a chart for the sliding scale for rents. Their deposits would also be charged on a sliding scale. I also created a chart for that. I created the business proposal and the business plan for this project.
It was determined that I would need 10 acres of land for this project. The local women's shelter is where I was told we would need 200 units. The cost for 200 units was roughly $2 million. I had a five-year prospectus planned so that it would be paid off in five years. If I had been able to find the funding.
The plan was to get these men. women, and children cared for and on their feet and out of the program within 18 months. They were going to have child care, afterschool care, and the teen center all on-site. There was going to be AA meetings, NA meetings, and Teen AA meetings all held on site as well in the recreation room.
The reason why this project did not come together is because I was unable to come up with the funding to put it together. The women's shelter liked the idea and supported me wholeheartedly. I have a contractor who gave me a quote on a 200 unit apartment complex. This is where I got the $2 million figure. It took me a long time to build the business plan and business proposal for this project. My heart and soul went into this project as I really wanted to make it work. But, I am only one person and I was unable to raise the funds to make it happen.

Dream A Little Dream

Dream a little dream for you
Dreams are your pathway to be true
Whatever you do to dream
The sky is the limit it will seem

Just like the bird that flies
Make your dreams reach the skies
Take your dream to a new height
Make you dream see light

Let them fly in the night
Let them fly in the day
Always say you have sight
Always have your say

You are the bearer of your dreams
They come from you in your life
So make them reality for your sake
And always remember they can be made

To resemble anything
In your dreams
You must always make a dream
To make it happen for anything

Have a slumber party, be a kid
Have some cake and just sit
Have some ice cream too
It makes you feel so good

Take your dreams to your path
And make your dreams do the math
You’ll be happy you did
Go ahead behave like a kid

Dream a little dream for you
Always be true to you

A Short Article Writing:
Spiritual Healing Guide

Whether we like it or not we all have a spirit about us, it‘s in our soul. This is part of what makes us human. Our spirit is what makes us connected to God. We need our spirit to help us stay connected to go. We will only live a life of the flesh if we do not accept God into our lives.

You will get nothing out of a sermon preached by the best of preachers, ministers and the clergy in general if you do not let go and let God. Walking in the principles of the bible is being spiritual.

As the bible was written by God’s chosen prophets, for us to follow as a guide for life, living by example. This is what it means to walk with Christ in your life. If you would like to let God into your life you should just open your arms and let him in. It is very easy to sit to accept God into your life. You will heal from your past experiences. If you will allow God to heal you.
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