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Mohammad omer

Freelance Illustrator & Painter

Location:Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan
2 Skills
• Lecturer in Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design. (August 2010– till date)

• Participated in the seminar of Design education for higher education and design history and theory with 85% success at Lahore, Pakistan from International consulting, Gernot Lenschow. (09 august 2010 upto 21 January2011)

• Conducted 15 days workshop of Archeology, restoration and conservation with friedrich, farid zink, of Zija consulting, Germany, for the project of UNESCO at National Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan. (Dec2009-jan2010).

• Worked as an Artist in Restoration Department, with friedrich, farid zink, of Zija consulting, Germany at Pakistan National Art Gallery, (PNCA) Islamabad. (january2010 upto July 2010)

• conducted workshop of painting and print making at National Art Gallery, Islamabad (March-April 2010)
• Worked as an Artist for interior of Islamabad Airport (rawal lounge).
• Worked as an artist in National book foundation, Ministry of education, Islamabad.

• Worked as an ART DIRECTOR in Out & About Advertising Agency (outdoor advertisement services)

• Worked as an Artist and design consultant with PHA (parks and horticulture Authority)

• Attended Artist in residence program at Can Serrat international Art organization, El Bruc, SPAIN. (July-August 2008)
• Have taught in National College of Arts Lahore. (NCA) (jan2007- nov2009)
• Have taught Textile Design at Lahore school of fashion design.
• Worked as an illustrator with book Land publishers.
• Worked with Sir Asif Ibrahim professor in NCA as interior designer in (Faisal Bank)project of tie n dye and batik 2007-08

• Worked as a art teacher and costume designer (for a play) in Salamat School System (feb-april 2007)

• Worked as an interior designer in Faisalabad 2006
• Book illustrations for Ferozsons publishers.
• Worked as a sculptor with Mr. Saif Ullah (2006)
• Worked as Fresco Painter with Master Saif-Ur-Rehman.
• Worked as calligrapher in the Studio of Ustad Gohar Qalam of National College of Arts Lahore (02-05)
• Have taught as a visiting faculty member in American University of Hawaii,
Faisalabad (2001)
• Worked as an Interior designer for Mecca Sugar Mill (2005)
• Freelance documentary of “Tahir Heart hospital & Institute” in chanaab nagaar. (July , 2007)
• Documentary on “Dhamaal” in reference Titled “Heart”
(A famous poem of Allama Muhammed Iqbal‘s Book named Bang-eDara)(2005)
• 10min documentary on Pakistan’s dieing crafts of bamboos. (2003)
• Documentary on Multani “Lungi” (2003)
• Documentary on crafts of Pakistan. (2004)

Textiles and fashion

• Worked as a textile designer in elite embroidery.
• Worked as a textile designer in Panache(embroidered fabric company)
• Worked as a designer in Meras with Mrs. Nilofer Shahid (fashion Designer)
• Worked as a stage and cat walk designer Style Dunia Channel at Pearl continental Lahore 2006
• As a Textile Designer in Moon Textile Mill Faisalabad (1999-2001)
• Worked as a free-lance Designer in Ittihad Textile mill Faisalabad (1999)

Workshops and skills:

• Sculpting
• Painting
• Print making
• Miniature Painting

Other Skills
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, coral Draw, Microsoft Office.

Calligraphy on Darbars

Hazrat Baba Farid Ganjshakar (Pakpatan) Punjab
Hazrat Baba Zakir Hassan Shah (Shahkot) Punjab
Hazrat Shehbaz Qalandar (Sehwan) Sindh
Hazrat Ali Hajvery (Lahore) Punjab
Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo (Ghar Morr) District Jhang Punjab (2000)

• Represented National College of Arts at Artist Camp at Lahore Fort, as a calligrapher and miniature painter. (2005)

• Represented National College of Arts, Lahore at Artist Camp, Kalar Kahar as a Sculptor Stone and Wood Carving (2005)

• Attended a Workshop on photography at National College of Arts (2004)
• Conducted Sculpture workshop at Faisalabad Institute of Textile and Fashion Design (AVANT GRADE)06
• Conducted Figure Drawing Workshop at Al-Qasim School of Arts in Bhawalpur (2005)
• Conducted Art of Stain Glass Workshop at Lahore Lyceum School (2004)
• Conducted Figure Drawing Workshop at Lahore Grammer School in Faisalabad (2004)
• Conducted Landscape Painting Workshop National College of Art Lahore with Professor Iqbal Hussain (2003)


• Paintings auctioned voluntarily for the flood relief campaign held by Huner kada gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan. (july2010)
• Paintings on display at Gallery6, Islamabad (November 08)
• Group show at Gallery6, Islamabad. (july2008)
• Participated in “moving Ahead” inaugural exhibition of National Art Gallery Islamabad (2007)
• Done calligraphies for princess Dubai and Princess Saudi Arabia which are given by Nilofer Shahid (Fashion Designer) show held in Paris 2007
• Group Show arranged by Artists Association of Punjab at Al-Hamra Art Council Lahore (2007,2008, 2009, 2010)
• Thesis Project Show at National College of Arts Lahore (2005) Titled “Heart”
• (A famous poem of Allama Muhammed Iqbal‘s Book named Bang-e-Dara)
• National show arranged by Artist Association of Punjab) Annual Exhibition at Al-Hamra Art Council Lahore (2005-2007-2008)
• Annual Exhibition arranged for Ghazali Education Trust by Calligraphers Association of Pakistan & Lahore at Art Council Lahore (2005)
• Group Show on Calligraphy with Ustad Gohar Qalam at National College of Arts at Lahore, Sialkot and Islamabad (2005)
• Participated in Sculpture Exhibition at Copra Art Gallery Lahore (2003)
• Participated in Painting and Calligraphy Show arranged by American University of Hawaii Faisalabad (2000)
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