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Daniel Strasburg

Freelance Storyboarder & Comic Writer

Location:Englewood, Colorado, United States
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My name is Dan Strasburg. I am 32 yrs. of age and am an experienced and extremely talented lyricist and writer. My music can be found on under the name Dukeboy cff. I can do any style poetry or song with ease. Also, I can write any story about any topic. The bigger the challenge the better! I refuse to quit or be outdone....I'm tenacious. I will kick thoughts around to myself and will formulate any possibilities that will benifit your project FOR FREE!!! YES I SAID FOR FREE!!! I don't care for money that much so will work for a charitable sum. I have a full time job with the State and am satisfied with my wage.
I would call my style edgy, intelligent, witty and classy encompassed in a fog of eccentricity and surprise!! My main gift is my flowing spring of intellectual property. I can come up with new ideas and possibilities almost endlessly. My disadvantage is punctuation and all that jazz, but technology and spell check have come to my short I'm a writer not an editor.
My specialties include lyrics(rap,all rock music styles,country,techno,pop), poems, short stories, novels......AND COMIC BOOK STORY AND STORYBOARD LAYOUTS!! I'm interested in all forms of creative writing so give me a shout and hopefully we can get a project going. AND DON'T FORGET IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITH GETTING IDEAS FOR YOUR PROJECT, PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT ME.....I WOULD LOVE TO HELP!!!
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Comic Writing