Kurt F Metzger

Freelance Database Expert & Windows Programmer

Location:Rockville, Maryland, United States
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Senior Programmer:

• Results driven experience in all phases of the software development lifecycle, web development, software testing, quality control, GUI development and other related fields
• Strong interpersonal skills to work closely with clients and system users allowing for easy back and forth flow of ideas and concepts.
• Have worked both in the Private Sector and in the Federal and State Government sectors including NRC, OPM DOS, NIH, EOP, CFTC, MVA, VRE
• Proven self-starter; influence system architecture decisions and lead projects from concept through the release process.

Technology Summary:
Visual Studio C#, Web Based Applications, JavaScript, AJAX, Design Patterns, Microsoft Enterprise Library, SQL Server, LINQ, SQL Server Reporting Services, .Net, WCF, Visual Basic, Microsoft office programming.
Work Experience:
2008 to Present Mar, Incorporated
Commodities Futures Trading Commission. Currently working on the surveillance team to implement technology based solutions for better market analysis to help discover market manipulation. Worked on a web interface to Bloomberg data to streamline the discovery process of overnight market trading. Converted SAS applications to SQL.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Worked on a system design specification for a Microsoft AX implementation.
State of Maryland: Motor Vehicle Administration Mr. Metzger designed and developed from scratch a case tracking system Case Investigations (CI) used by the MVA police in an attempt to create a paperless office. CI implements document management for cases and case evidence and tracks case progress through all phases. The system design accommodates four user rolls (chiefs, managers, investigators and data entry) with fine grained individual user rights administration. The user’s application functionality is dynamically controlled via the assigned roles and rights. The system also has a full data auditing front end along with view tracking and silent hit functionality. The application is written in C#.net with a SQL Server backend, Ajax and Microsoft Report Server using the Model-View-Controller design pattern. Mr. Metzger developed technical and user documentation. Provided user training classes and mentored MVA employees in the various technologies used to develop the application.
State of Virginia: Virginia Railway Express Developed a Web-Based Train Schedule Management Application. This application provides schedule and equipment management and performance tracking functions.
2006 Home Shopping Network Worked on a Web Service Application to keep track of returned item status across their distribution network. This also included a tie in to their accounting system and their Customer Relationship Management application.
2004 National College Wrote a front end Active Server page application to list available class schedules pulling data from multiple databases. This data was not updatable, but was customizable to the user’s preferences.
2003 Mid Florida Mining. I wrote an Active Server page application to display inventory and locations of stock that was updatable and customizable to the viewers needs using parameterized stored procedures. This also included an e-commerce interface to the CHEP logistics system.
1998 to 2003 Jewelers Shop. As an independent I wrote a stand-alone application using Visual Basic 6, Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports to maintain a customer purchase and information database for the jewelry industry. This application provides an in depth information management system for managing sales, inventory, customer dates, status, and preferences, as well as generating user defined appraisals, reports and mailing lists.
2002 Wallpaper Database. I worked with several developers to produce an application in Visual Basic and Microsoft Access to search sort and display a wallpaper lines available from different retailers.
1999-2000 Enhanced and improved Lairs (Project details below).
1999 Wrote a VB ASP IIS application to display custom employee benefits pages.
1999 United Technologies Corporation. As an independent I designed and implemented their corporate human Resources intranet site. Approximately 100 pages which are compatible Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator 3.0.
1999 PIPs Worked on an application in Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Access for the Office of Personnel Management for the Office of Investigators to use when completing a security clearance. It was installed on approximately 70 notebooks to be used in the field.
1998 CSRS to FERS Calculator. Wrote a stand-alone application in Visual Basic (32 and 16 bit versions) to be used to calculate future projections of Social Security, Retirement, and Thrift Savings plan benefits for government employees with the option to switch retirement plans. I was the sole programmer on this project. The program was released on the internet and was downloaded approximately 500,000 times. This program was then modified to calculate benefits for Foreign Service employees for the State Department.
1995 NRC (US Nuclear Regulatory Commission) I worked on the time and attendance application. My primary responsibility was Flashpoint, a mainframe to GUI tool written in an offshoot of REXX.

Awards Received:
1996 Letter of appreciation from the United States Nuclear Regulator Commission for work done on the Time and Attendance system.
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Windows Programming