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Objectives: An editorial position that will enable me to contribute to the creative development of a publication and expansion of its circulation.

Writing and Editorial Background
• Writing: Freelance writer for 5 years, with experience in web content, marketing copy, and business writing. Author of Graduating into Reality book self-published at Lulu.com. Several published poems online.
• Editing: Editor of property newsletters, various corporate and business materials (including reports, marketing copy, and brochures) and crime watch newsletter. Experienced in copyediting, content editing, and proofreading.
• Business and Corporate Writing: Developer, writer, editor and designer of a wide range of business materials, including brochures, newsletters, and annual reports. Clients include Diamond Dragon Enterprise, Creative Personality Reflections, and Julian Villas.
• Internet, Research, College Papers: Experienced with the internet for research. Google and Yahoo search engines. Personal experience recently on creating highly graded college essays with APA format.

Employment History
9/2009 - Present

Writing articles, web content, brochures, business cards,
Press releases, sales letters
Writing of two books
Event Planning

Property Manager
July 2013 – Present
Graceworks Housing Services
Regina Hill – Area team Leader

Property Manager
April 2011 – 09/2011
RLJ Mgmt. Co.
Yvonne Coffman – Regional Manager

Property Manager
October 2010 – April 2011
Wilhoit Properties
Geneva Yager – Regional Manager

Regional Manager
Years Employed 5/2000 – 1/2010
Hamilton Property Investments
James Hamilton – Owner

Office Manager
Years Employed: 10/1997 – 5/2000
Maury Manufactured Home Sales Columbus, IN
Maury Thompson – Owner 812-376-1243

Production Control Administrative Assistant
Years Employed: 7/1995-10/1997
Net Forge, Inc. Columbus. IN
Joel Shoaf – Prod. Control Mgr. – 812-342-5527

Hardlines/Softlines Department Manager
Years Employed: 4/1992 – 7/1996
Hill’s/Ames Department Stores
Judy Tarp -Store Manager

MRO Purchasing Manager
Years Employed: 5/1981-12/16/1986
American Carco, Morristown, IN
Nell Kingsbury – Plant Superintendant

University of Phoenix, Bachelor of Science in Management 2011, GPA-3.65
Ivy Tech State College, 1999 – Business Administration
Housing Credit College - Certification in LIHTC
Morristown High School - GED

Awards and Memberships
Dean’s List, Ivy Tech, Spring 1987-1988, Fall 1993, & Spring 1994
Academic Excellence, 1994, Phi Theta Kappa

Sample Writing

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
Early symptoms of hypothyroidism are often ignored by women and men equally. Women often ignore hypothyroid symptom because of the onset of this disease occurs during the ages most women are entering into menopause. Hypothyroidism is often diagnosed in women quicker because of more frequent doctor appointments because of pregnancy and menopause. Doctors will suggest scheduling hypothyroid screening at annual physicals because women are more susceptible to this disease. Usually hypothyroid symptoms in men are ignored because the disease usually attacks a man after the age of 60 and is brushed off as the result of old age. If hypothyroid symptoms in men are not detected early it can result in extreme consequences.
Early symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, depression, weight gain, muscle pains, loss of hair, ****** dysfunction, intolerance of cold, the inability to concentrate and memory loss. Most people will brush off these symptoms as old age. Women and men both need to pay attention to a hypothyroid symptom and analyze whether the symptom(s) are chronic or just a result of a bad day. Early detection of and treatment of this disease is the key to avoiding more threatening consequences.
The Thyroid and Hypothyroidism
The thyroid is an endocrine gland that is butterfly-shaped and located in the front of the neck right above the chest bone area. This endocrine gland produces hormones that it sends to all the cells in the body to ensure other organs perform correctly. These hormones consist of iodine molecules which travel through the blood system to all of the cells and tissues.
Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid does not produce enough hormones to send through the body to keep the body performing efficiently. A hypothyroid symptom occurs when the person has had the thyroid surgically removed, radiation therapy is occurring, or autoimmune disease exists. Autoimmune simply means that the body’s immune system has mistaken a healthy part of the body as a virus or bacteria and begins ridding itself of the invader. Hypothyroidism can be found by administering a simple TSH (thyroid-blood) test.
Choose the Right Doctor
Many patients have made formal complaints of doctors misdiagnosing hypothyroidism because the symptoms are common to several other diseases and viruses. Some doctors have even suggested that the symptoms are in the minds of the patients and have written prescriptions for anti-depressants which will leave the disease to progress. People should complete due diligence on the disease and on doctors.
Family doctors can treat hypothyroidism successfully in most cases. If the person has a situation such as pregnancy, epilepsy, type 1 diabetes, heart disease, or any other autoimmune condition he or she should have his or her doctor refer him or her to a thyroidologist or an endocrinologist. These are specialist who can make sure correct doses of thyroxine are given and who know what to watch for with the other conditions.
Once hypothyroidism is diagnosed it is treated by replacing the thyroxine with synthetic thyroxine pills. The doctor will figure the dose and the pills must be taken daily for the rest of a person’s life. If the person does not have severe hypothyroidism he or she will be treated as an outpatient with no hospitalization required.
It usually takes a month and half to two and half months for the synthetic thyroxine to absorb throughout the entire body. At this time the doctor will test the patient the TSH again. Adjustments in dosage may occur depending on other medications used, whether the thyroid has stopped working altogether, other conditions, the age, or weight of the person. The synthetic thyroxine replacement once saturated through the body should cause all the symptoms of hypothyroidism to disappear.
Description Hypothyroidism is a lack of iodine molecules in the body to feed the tissues and organs efficiently. Early detection and thyroxine pill treatment will make the symptoms disappear.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil
What is Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil?
Sea buckthorn berry oil is a byproduct of the sea buckthorn berry that grows high in the Himalayas in Tibet. The sea buckthorn berry contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can promote weight loss and clearer skin. The sea buckthorn berry is one of the greatest multivitamins in the world. It contains more than a 190 active biological nutrients. Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 are found in the sea buckthorn berry oil.
Uses for the Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil
Sea buckthorn oil is superb for treatment of acne, nutritional supplement, and for weight loss. The top layer of skin, called the epidermis and cell membranes benefit from using the sea buckthorn oil acne supplement and topical cream. The sea buckthorn oil acne topical cream can also heal sun or radiation burns.
The sea buckthorn berry oil, if used orally, coats the digestive tract and sends a message to through the body not to store unnecessary fat. If there was ever a miracle plant the sea blackthorn berry would be the one with many natural nutrients packed within. The sea buckthorn berry can rejuvenate energy and keep a person in healthy form.
This berry seems to increase efficiency in almost every system in the human body. When used on the gums the sea buckthorn berry oil can reverse not so severe dental conditions. The oil is also good for creating smoother and healthier lips.
Side Effects of the Sea Buckthorn Berry
When using the sea buckthorn berry use a diluted form so the oil does not stain the skin. Although the sea buckthorn berry appears to be safe, it is wise if pregnant, to refrain from any use to avoid any immediate or long-term side effects. Bruising or bleeding also can be a concern when using the sea buckthorn berry oil with other forms of medication that slow blood clotting.
If a person has had a recent surgery or has an upcoming surgery do not use this product as it can cause the blood to clot much slower than normal. Before using this product, please consult a physician for updated side effects and reactions to any current medications in use.
How to Use the Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil
Even though this fruit has been around for thousands of years, research on it is just beginning. Currently there is no set dosage for any person or condition. Be very cautious to apply evenly. Always use the sea buckthorn berry oil at room temperature. Always follow directions on the products packaging. Before following any recommended dosage on a package remember to consult a physician or local pharmacist. Please keep in mind that most herbal remedies are not FDA approved.
The sea buckthorn berry also can be used just as a food. Juices, jams, jellies, and sauces can be made from this miracle berry. The berry itself has a very tart flavor depending on which variation of the plant the berry comes from.
Description Sea buckthorn oil is a new product on the market that has several nutritional and medical uses to promote a healthier body. Researchers have found over 190 active biological minerals, vitamins, and nutrients in this little berry. Slow blood clotting can result from usage of the sea buckthorn berry oil. This product is not FDA approved so it is suggested to consult a physician before use. Benefits of the sea buckthorn berry include weight loss, skin healing, stopping unnecessary fat storage, and canker sores just to name a few. The sea buckthorn berry can also be eaten in its natural and used to make condiments. The sea buckthorn berry promotes rejuvenation, restoration, and anti-aging.

Jai Alai in Miami
The biggest jai alai operation in the world is the Miami Jai Alai. Jai alai in Miami is so popular that gamblers include it in pari-mutuel betting. People from around the world come to Miami’s fronton to watch this faced-paced, energetic game.
Jai alai is a game that originated in Spain’s Basque region. The popularity of the game has spread over the years to Mexico, the United States, Brazil, the Philippines, China, and other countries. Miami Jai Alai hosts the Florida Cup competition every year.
The game consists of two players with long, curved scoops attached to an arm throwing a hardened rubber ball at a wall. The game moves very fast. Three walls surround the court.
The main objective of the game is to throw the ball against the wall in a way that the opponent cannot catch it to through it back against the wall. The ball can bounce once of the ground. To complicate this process the ball is traveling approximately 180 miles per hour.
To start the game the server must bounce the ball and throw it at the wall. The ball must bounce back and land between certain lines on the ground, if not the serve is no good. A bad serve allows the opponent to gain a point. The game ends when a player or team reaches seven points.
Scoring is accumulated by a point at a time until every team member has played, then the points become double. If a team member gets in the way of a play, this can cause a judging of interference. An opponent must catch the ball in the air and throw it back at the wall in one smooth movement.
Not only does the jai alai player have to move quickly and keep his eye on the ball, but he also has hecklers yelling and making crude remarks that the player hears very clearly. Spectators become excited and share opinions out loud just like at a baseball game. The players respond throwing insults back at the spectators.
The Miami Jai Alai facilities location is conveniently near the Miami airport and several hotels. The facility offers banquet and meeting areas and a new dining area with a view of the courtyard. Fans may attend matches daily, except Tuesdays, and on Friday and Saturday evenings. Jai Alai in Miami showcases some of the best players in the world.
Jai Alai in Miami began more than 80 years ago. A hurricane destroyed the first Miami fronton. A fan can find a jai alai game in several towns in Florida. The Miami Jai Alai can seat 6500 spectators for a game. The largest jai alai owner in the world is the Florida Gaming Commission who owns the Miami Jai Alai.
The Florida Gaming Commission has promoted the game so well that Miami Jai Alai has become a brand of its own around the world. To discover more information on Miami Jai Alai go to www.miami-jai-alai.com. From the www.miami-jai-alai.com web page gamblers can place bets on games. Live simulcasts broadcast on the website also.
Miami Jai Alai players Arriaga and Pedrouzo are two of the finest players in the game. A fan can see jai alai games in Miami daily. The facility offers ample parking. Valet parking is also available.
Description Jai alai in Miami is a popular sport. Miami Jai Alai offers some of the fiercest competition in the sport. The facility uses technology to simulcast matches online.
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