Eddie Rice

Freelance Speech Writer & Ghostwriter

Location:Cleveland, Ohio, United States
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When you need just the right words.

I am a freelance speech writer and public speaking coach.

My approach to speech writing:

-Your speech should sound like you; it should sound natural and not formal and stiff.
-Stories should be the basis of your speech--they can evoke the right emotions and make your message stick.
-No bullet points should ever appear on a powerpoint slide. A line or two of text combined with a memorable picture is the best way to craft a slide presentation.
-Short speeches are the best. When was the last time anyone said, "I wish the speaker had gone on longer?"
-If you give a long speech (more than 20 minutes), mix in audience interaction and different methods of presentation such as discussion questions, Q&A, and short videos.

My areas of expertise are:
1. Wedding Speeches: Best man, maid of honor, parents of the bride
2. Ceremonial Speeches: Dedications, galas and awards, and commencements
3. Keynote Speeches: Conferences and book tours
4. Corporate Speeches: Seminars, training sessions, and large company addresses.
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