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Douglas E Powell

Freelance Ghostwriter & Creative Writer

Location:Vienna, Georgia, United States
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Throughout my childhood and into my early adulthood I have been witness and receiver of paranormal events. A few years back I decided to start my own paranormal investigation group in hope to make sense of all the strange activity that I and my family experienced for so many years. My paranormal group slowly began to grow successful leading to many interesting paranormal cases. We eventually moved on to organize and host paranormal tours in Andersonville Georgia’s historic Civil War Village. I do not have any degrees in writing, but I did manage a B in English Comp 1101 and an A in English Comp 1102. My English Comp 1102 Instructor complimented my writing by telling me I was a very creative writer, and that he believed I could have a great future in writing if I chose. I began writing around the age of 7. I began my writing with poems and songs, and till this day I still love to write songs and on my experiences concerning the paranormal. One thing that I could say about myself that would prove useful in a writing position is the fact that I have never experienced writers block. I can write 5 pages on a tooth pick; however, I can’t promise that many people would be interested in 5 pages about a tooth pick. Maybe underwater basket weaving would be more suitable. I agree that underwater basket weaving is fictional, but it could always be spiced up with a little humor. Point being, I love to write, and I would love a job that I could write about life stories, fictional ideas, or anything creative.
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