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Jason Webb

Freelance 3D Animator & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:New Port Richey, Florida, United States
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3D Artist/Digital Sculptor with extensive experience in Video Games, Toys, Film, Entertainment and Automotive industries.
Specialize in Digital Sculpture and Character development as well as 3D printing and Rapid Prototyping.
Experience in Vehicle, Weapon, Prop and Environment development as well as Animation and Rigging.
Experience working closely with engineering, tech art, animation and concept teams

Expert Modeler with Maya, 3DS Max and Silo
Expert Digital Sculptor with ZBrush
Knowledge of animation, advanced rigging and lighting in Maya and 3DS Max
Experienced with Photoshop CS5, Illustrator, Corel Draw/Photopaint and Painter
Experience with MudBox, Messiah Studio and Rhino 4

Outlaw Miniatures, LLC Sept – Dec 2012
Lead Digital Sculptor
Wild West Exodus (table top gaming)
Digital Sculpture of high resolution character assets for 3d print prototyping, mold casting and final production of high resolution table top/board game miniatures
Hiring, managing and art direction of freelance/outsource digital sculptors
Creating and managing asset schedules for all freelance/outsource sculptors
Art direction and quality control of all digital sculptures for 3d print prototyping, mold casting and final production
Cost analysis of 3D printing, casting/molding and final production of high resolution table top/board game miniatures

Sony Online Entertainment Mar 2012 – Sept 2012
Senior Character Artist
Planetside 2 (PC)
Digital Sculpture of high resolution character assets for normal map extraction
Modeling and UV of real time character assets
Texture creation and shader construction for proprietary multi layered in engine shader system
Character rigging and support for in engine character asset attachment and customization system.

Wowwee USA, Inc. Mar 2011 – Mar 2012
Lead Digital Sculptor/3D Modeler
Alien Jailbreak, Akodomon, Mysterious Raygun, Zombieburbz (iPhone and iPad apps), Multiple undisclosed projects (Toys, Plush, Robotics)
High resolution and sub-division modeling, texturing and rigging for toy concepts and engineering/tooling support.
Create real-time 3d assets for iPhone and iPad app development.
Manage contract digital sculptors as well as art style and QC for several undisclosed projects as well as Zombieburbz and Mysterious Raygun.
Manage internal and external rapid prototyping projects as well as processing all files for RP

Navteq/Nokia Jan 2011 – Mar 2011
Digital Sculptor/3D Modeler: Contractor
Internal Training Demo
Model and sculpt multiple high resolution virtual instructor characters based on provided concepts
Build animation rigs and rig all characters to skeletons. Sculpt and link all facial morph targets for facial expressions and lip sync phonemes.
Work closely with animation team to supplement animation needs

Mercedes-Benz Research and Development Advanced Design Division Sept 2010 – Nov 2010
Digital Sculptor/3D Modeler: Contractor
Mercedes-Benz Biome Concept Car, F125 and Multiple undisclosed projects
High resolution sub-division modeling and digital sculpture for high level automobile concepts. Mercedes-Benz Biome concept car (fenders and windshield) and Mercedes-Benz F125 (hood and tail lamps)
Support and train designers in use of Maya and ZBrush.
Working closely with Rapid prototyping team to provide CnC milling data for full scale physical models.

Wowwee USA, Inc. Nov 2008 – Oct 2009
Sr. Digital Sculptor/3D Modeler
Paperjamz, Lightstrike, Multiple undisclosed projects, (Toys, Plush, Robotics)
High resolution and sub-division modeling, texturing and rigging for toy concepts, promotional videos and engineering/tooling support.
Developed and managed rapid prototyping pipeline and maintained relationships with outsource 3D print studios and contract artists.
Working very closely with concept team.
Providing support for animation team.

Pixelactive, Inc. Feb 2008 – Nov 2008
Lead 3D Artist
Undisclosed Licensed IP (PC, XBOX 360, PS3), Cityscape (PC)
High and real time modeling, texturing and rigging numerous character and vehicle assets for custom 3D and physics engine.
Working very closely with tech art and programming teams to provide art and MEL-script support.

THQ, Inc. Sept 2005 – Jan 2008
Character Artist
Saints Row 2 (XBOX 360) (un-credited)
Assisted Volition studios. Modeling, texturing and rigging numerous character assets for Saints Row 2 customizable character system.
Revolution (XBOX 360) (canceled)
Modeling/sculpting high res characters based on provided concepts. Modeling, texturing and rigging real time character meshes.
Working closely with animation team to provide requested mesh and rigging revisions.
Developed character morph pipeline to improve efficiency of character pipeline and reuse of character assets.
Train Art team in use of ZBrush. Train art team in sub division modeling techniques.

Sony Online Entertainment Nov 1999 – Sept 2004
Senior 3D Artist
Planetside (PC), Planetside: Core Combat (PC), Planetside: Aftershock (PC), Planetside: Live content
Lead vehicle artist. Modeled, textured, rigged all vehicles and attachments.
Support physics engineer to develop in-game vehicle physics.
Level design, modeling, texturing environments.
Character rigging, first and third person animations, clean up of character meshes.

Simutronics Co. Feb 1998 – Nov 1999
3D Artist
Cyber Strike 2 (PC)
Character/vehicle concept, modeling, texturing and animation.
Level design, concept, modeling and texturing.
Prop concept, modeling, texturing and effects.

Saint Charles Community College Sept 1997 – Feb 1998
Fine Arts (no degree)
Elgin Community College Sept 1995 – Feb 1996
Graphic Arts and Desktop Publishing (no degree)
University of Maryland Sept 1991 – June 1993
Engineering and CAD, human anatomy, forensic pathology (no degree)
(advanced placement on campus coerces for college credit concurrent with high school)

~ references available upon request ~
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