Lizeth Andrus

Freelance Spanish Translator & Language Translator

Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
2 Skills
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
600 Las Vegas Blvd. S Ste700
Las Vegas, NV 89101 United States 04/2010 - Present
Hours per week: 40
Series: 1802 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 7/3
Investigative Assistant (This is a federal job)

Select, abstract, gather and compile data from specific sources and provide an intelligence product and present to Special Agents and Supervisors. Perform research, analyze intelligence data and evaluate raw criminal intelligence data from a variety of sources to develop trends and patterns. Prepare and organize presentations of information that need to be briefed to Special Agents. Provided translation services during investigations and interrogations. Analyze and prepare preliminary and or finished intelligence products and select pertinent information for files and distinguish the need to call attention to Supervisors or Special Agents and disseminate the products to the appropriate officials. Also participate in a liaison capacity by working closely with other government agencies and presenting the agency’s needs and establish working relations with organizations such as the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Have primary responsibility for overseeing the collection of information and analysis and preparation of comprehensive intelligence reports; given presentations to management and briefings to other government agencies regarding intelligence collected. Have been the lead analyst in several Title III cases and have overseen and reviewed large volumes of data from multiple PEN registers.
Participate in interviews of witnesses, subjects, and confidential informants to verify facts and obtain specific information related to criminal cases. Include signed statements obtained from interviews into investigative reports and/or case files to assist Special Agents in ongoing criminal investigations. Have identified, recommended and developed new leads for the case agents.
Gather and compile material related to subjects of criminal investigations: find criminal information records; check alien status records; track travel in and out of the United States; identify and verify compliance with student visa status; acquire and verify personal information such as address, phone numbers, date of birth, and social security numbers; check biometric identification services to determine international travelers who have overstayed their period of admission; check local law enforcement data base to determine local arrest records and criminal history; verify and identify criminal history of potential confidential informants prior to registration. Compile, organize, and present all information and materials researched to lead Special Agent for use in ongoing investigations.
Extract and compile information and produce charts from different data based applications to prepare investigative reports for Special Agents.
Utilize investigation data bases, to include: Pen-Link, iBase, Treasury Enforcement Communications System (TECS), ENFORCE, Central Index System (CIS), Clear, Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), Arrival and Departure Information System (ADIS), Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN), El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC).
Also use open source databases to ensure and verify information. Utilize personally developed contacts from other law enforcement agencies, state government agencies, to obtain the required information and assist those agencies by providing information relating to alien status inquiries and/or criminal status.

Transportation Security Administration
375 E. Warm Springs Rd. Ste200
Las Vegas, NV 89119 United States 03/2007 - 04/2010
Hours per week: 40
Series: 1802 Pay Plan: SV Grade: F
Lead Transportation Security Officer (This is a federal job)

Provide oral presentations to large groups of officers to disseminate informational and intelligence based items and lessons in standard operating procedures for the LAS training department. Assist training specialist with data entry and investigating training related concerns. Give technical support to officers with problems related to the Online Learning Center and technical security information. Provide training to new instructors on classroom procedures. Work closely to adapt training materials to classroom and operation audiences to successfully complete requirements.

Continuously improve security screening processes and own performance through training and development. Work closely with management to develop training materials that ensure relevant intelligence is brought to officers in both checkpoint and checked baggage. Holds self-accountable for maintaining training materials and schedules. Adapts quickly to training related exercises to ensure procedures and directives are followed appropriately and thoroughly.

Work closely with Officers and management to resolve conflicts between employees using effective oral that clearly conveys communication and problem solving techniques. Including holding employees accountable for solving problems and conflicts themselves. Ensure all conflicts are resolved in a positive and appropriate manner.

Perform security screening of persons, including tasks such as: hand held metal detector (which includes the requirement to reach and wand the individual from the floor to overhead), full body pat-down searches, and monitoring walk-through metal detector screening equipment. Perform security screening of property, including the operation of x-ray machines to identify dangerous objects in baggage, cargo and on passengers; preventing those objects from being transported onto aircraft.

Perform all duties in a courteous and professional manner. By analyzing situations from stakeholders and passenger perspective so as to ensure timely resolution of situations. Assists supervisors in providing information to Law Enforcement and stakeholders in the event of security related incidents and unlawful activity.

Perform a variety of duties related to security and protection of air travelers, airports and aircraft. Routinely work with passengers to address continually changing demands while maintaining focus on performing Standard Operating Procedures. Maintain focus and awareness; work within a stressful environment which includes noise from alarms, machinery, and people, distractions, time pressure, disruptive and angry passengers, and the requirement to identify and locate potentially life threatening devices intended on creating massive destruction; make effective decisions in both crisis and routine situations. Monitors flow of passengers through checkpoint security and baggage through inline systems.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement
El Paso, TX United States 07/2002 - 03/2007
Hours per week: 40
Series: 0303 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 5
Office Automation Clerk (This is a federal job)

Assisted senior specialists in the evaluation and analysis of operational and administrative programs to identify quantitative and qualitative productivity standards, measures of performance and reporting procedures, and resource utilization effectiveness and efficiency. Provided translation services during investigations and interrogations.

Extracted and compiled information from different computer data based applications to prepare investigative reports for the Special Agents. Prepared legal documentation such as I-94 cards (paroles) and other Employment Authorization documents for signature. Generated subpoenas and other legal administrative documents and prepared case files by reviewing fingerprint cards, file records, documents or other material to ensure efficiency and completeness. Transferred, received, and charged out Alien files to Special Agents or other ICE offices by utilizing the NFTS and CIS computer systems, which maintain record keeping.

Competent in the use of law enforcement and investigative databases such as: Central Index System (CIS), Deportable Alien Control System (DACS), National Immigration Index System (NIIS), Treasury Enforcement Communications System (TECS), National File Tracking System (NFTS), and Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT) in the course of criminal and administrative investigations.

Prepared personnel actions, provide orientation to new employees; perform a timekeeper audit of employee leave balances. Coordinated logistics involving office moves, telephone service requirements. Assisted in monitoring usage of government vehicles, and collecting and analyzing information related to workflow, office procedures and control systems in support of program evaluations. Independently completed a wide variety of assignments requiring the application of fundamental principles, concepts, techniques and guidelines in an administrative specialty area.

Coordinated the 2006 Human Trafficking Conference in El Paso, TX with such duties as arranging registration and confirmation for 300 attendees, assisting with the organization of the agenda, and collaborated with non-government organizations to assure smooth flow of conference.

Participated in projects designed to develop broader expertise. Conducted detailed planning to gather and interpret information and data for problems, issues, and unusual circumstances and determine the most effective approach to resolve.
Point of contact for the Combined Federal Campaign within the Office of Investigations in El Paso, TX, receiving and processing all charitable contributions.

Participated and conducted the annual inventory of office equipment, vehicle, and case files and inventory in excess of 1.5 million dollars. Screened office calls, determined nature of the call and referring them to the appropriate personnel for action.
Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Publisher. Ordered/maintained office supplies to ensure steady function of office.

ENCON International Inc.
El Paso, TX United States 04/2002 - 05/2002
Salary: 8.50 USD Per Hour
Hours per week: 25
Accounting Clerk
Was responsible for Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable in the HR Department, daily calculations of twenty-five employee's time sheets and data entry, and updating new project lists for different location sites. Reviewed invoices from projects for accuracy before receiving and kept inventory of office supplies and ordered office supplies as needed.

TDK Corporation of America
El Paso, TX United States 06/2001 - 12/2001
Salary: 10.00 USD Per Hour
Hours per week: 35
Contract Secretary
I scheduled travel and meetings for my supervisor and organized Monthly expense reports. I translated and transcribed documents/conversations from Spanish to English and English into Spanish. I handled multiple telephone lines, assisted with responsibilities of accounts payable, and worked shipping/receiving.

El Paso Community College El Paso, TX United States
Associate's Degree
GPA: 3.0 of a maximum 4.0
Major: Psychology Minor: Linguistics

CATS - Call Analysis Training School - August 19, 2010
PAC - Pen-Link Advanced Class - September 16, 2010
i2 - Analyst's Notebook - December 3, 2010
Type 50wpm.

Language Spoken Written Read
English Advanced Advanced Advanced
Portuguese Novice Novice Novice
Spanish Advanced Intermediate Advanced
Italian Novice None None