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Dillon Kellar

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I have worked for various gaming groups and a blogging website for writing I can write on a wide variety of subjects. I have a sample of my work right here.
Chapter one-scene one-cutscene
Game opens to a scene of a starry night sky
Scene lasts for five seconds then goes black
We hear a little mumbling that appears to be around five feet away
“He’s dying”
“If he had been here a few hours earlier, he’d be alright…”
“Should we just give it to him?”
“Why should we? It will only make him die a little slower, and there are others who still have a chance.”
Sky is shown again, character screams for two seconds then stops. Camera zooms out and shows a man lying on a field of dead grass with scars, cuts, bruises, spots, and blood all over his skin, wearing a whitewater suit that has been torn on the upper right arm, lower left leg, where there is a fair amount of blood, and a large gaping hole in his calf. His skin is shriveled up. After fifteen seconds of the camera panning around the character, he suddenly starts convulsing, three seconds later the screen goes black again.
Chapter one-scene two-cutscene/play
Character from previous scene is shown, but with none of the cuts, bruises, spots or blood, also he is wearing blue jeans and a red plaid button-up shirt rather than the mercenary outfit, he has black boots on his feet. Character has dark brown, shoulder length hair and dark sunglasses. He is average height and weight. He has a ten gallon hat upon his head and is sitting in a rusty truck, it has a broken bumper and smashed headlights. There is a man who is clearly not happy about being in such a truck, wearing a black business suit. Your character is in the driver's seat, the other man is in the passenger seat.
"You'll love this job, it's so exciting and the pay is excellent."
"How could I enjoy being a mur-"
the engine starts and your character's voice is cut off
[you are now interacting with the character, you drive the vehicle forward, the area around you is desert, there is nothing visible behind you other than a small cluster of small, white buildings, you can not move backwards. 500m ahead, you reach a black, 4 story building, with no decorations in the front, and no windows. It has a single white door with a red W on the front. When you are within 15 ft of the building, goes back to cutscene] Your character waits for the other man to get out of the truck, then follows him. The man takes a key from his pocket, puts it in the doorknob's keyhole, and pushes the door open. Inside, there is a large lobby with several benches, and at the far side is a desk with a woman behind it. The two characters walk towards the woman and as you get closer, you can see she has blonde hair set in a pony tail, green oval shaped eyes, is very thin, and has gold earrings in the shape of a valentine. She is wearing a black suit with chains hanging from the shoulder to the waist, shoulder to the mid-chest, and over her heart there is a red circle with a white W inside. When your character is closer to her, just a foot from the desk, she looks up from her papers and says in a smooth voice "Hello Jacob, I suppose this is the recruit you called about? John is waiting for you." Jacob, the man who has been next to you since the beginning of the scene, replies "Thank you Ashley, could you please get him fitted for a uniform while I go see John?"
ashley "Of course, sir. Come with me, umm... what did you say your name was?"
[type in character's name]
"Oh right, well come on fatty, let's get you some clothes." ashley winks
[screen goes black for 5 seconds]
Chapter one-scene three-introduction video
Character's figure is shown from 3rd person view sitting in a comfortable black chair in front of a projector screen in a dark room. Room suddenly light up for a moment and you can see your character wearing the same uniform as Ashley, then a close up of the projection screen is shown. A video is shown of soldiers wearing the same uniform as your character. They are running across valleys, doing jumping-jacks in fields of several other soldiers, piloting helicopters, jumping out of planes, etc. and in each video they are fighting various enemies with shotguns, smgs, etc. while video is playing, a man's deep voice is narrating. "Welcome new recruit to Whiterain. You have surely been told what we do but are likely looking for a detailed explanation of your new job. Well this video will tell you the four different groups we train and what each group does. First we have the pilots, these are...well, the pilots. They fly the helicopters for the soldiers to ride in while they're on the way to dangerous missions. Next we have the foot-soldiers, they fight the enemy head on and are responsible for learning hand to hand combat, how to use various knives, pistols, and submachine guns. Then we have the assassins. The assassins go for the higher targets and are responsible for learning to use their sniper rifles, how to disassemble, smuggle, and reassemble their weapons, and of course, handguns. Last but not least we have our spies, they are given the most high technology weaponry available, including high temperature laser-lights, disguise kits, handguns, and heat sensing goggles. You will now tell your officer which group you would like to be in." [ Camera goes back to 3rd person view of your character. Jacob enters the room through a door at the back and walks to your character. He hands you a piece of paper. You now choose which group you would like to join]
That was something I wrote for a game but the person who hired me sold his company so this no longer needs to be finished, and now belongs to me.
I have some references
Matt Dirks
Archie Preston