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Alexis Hustus

Freelance Editor & Fiction Writer

Location:United States
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Alexis Hustus

O B J E C T I V E:
To become a wise and helpful Child Psychiatrist.
P R O F I L E:
Incredibly patient. Creative. Easy going. Positive can-do attitude.
Dependable. Hard working. Enjoys working with others.
Hobbies include: writing, community service, digital arts, modeling and singing.
Currently working towards a career in Child Psychology and Philosophy.
I N T E R E S T S:
Cooking, child care, assisting others, astrology and astronomy, psychology and
philosophy, modern art, Classical Literature, music, and designing.
S K I L L S:
Design, writing, cleaning, communication, organization, working with others
W O R K H I S T O R Y:
Summer 2009
Tree Hill
- Cared for the animals.
- Tended to the plants.
- Guided tours through nature trails.
- Worked the cash register.
- Answered phones and took messages.
- Helped the customers.
- Helped host a "Clean Up" day.
Élan Literary Magazine
Editor and Designer
- Designed posters for events
- Reviewed over 200 Submissions and selected winners.
- Helped organize fundraising.
- Assisted with the Douglas Anderson Writers Festival.
- Helped organize Coffee Readings.
Battle of the Bands
- Designed posters and applications.
Issue Based Theater
- Used improv to emphasize awareness of issues that teens are facing today.
- Visited Elementary, Middle Schools and High schools and worked with large
groups of students.
- Discussed drugs and alcohol abuse, ***, pregnancies and related diseases.
- Worked with underprivileged children at a community inspired after school
program. (Sanctuary on 8th)
Michaels Arts and Crafts
- Returned items to shelves
- Straightened up shelves
- Restocked shelves
- Worked the cash register
- Helped Customers with projects
2011 - 2011
St. Johns Medical Center
As Needed Nurse
- Cared for patients
- Put patients through therapies
- Filing
- Worked the front desk
Professional Radiographic Duplication
Delivery Girl
- Picked up x-rays
- Copied x-rays
- Delivered x-rays
- Bussed tables
- Cared for customers
- Cleaned
- Restocked the fridge
- Answered Phones
- Prep Work
Waffle House
- Bussed tables
- Cared for customers
- Cleaned
- Restocked fridges
- Answered phones
- Prep Work
- Prepared teas
- Presented and sold teas
- Presented and sold tea products
- Cleaned

A W A R D S:
Much-Ado About Books Poetry Contest 2009 - Awarded 1st Place
Jacksonville Public Library Poetry Contest 2005 - Awarded 3rd Place
E D U C A T I O N:
Aug 2006 - June 2010
High School Diploma
Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Jacksonville, FL
Skills (2) Rating
Fiction Writing