Ian Rice

Freelance Creative Writer & Proofreader

Location:East Meadow, New York, United States
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Primarily a music/entertainment writer, but also extremely proficient in the area of creative/fiction writing, Ian Rice hails from Long Island, NY and is currently seeking new and exciting methods of getting his work and skills recognized and appreciated. With technology expanding the playing field for the independent artist, Ian feels that adapting to the new marketplace is essential. Rice doesn't choose to write...he has to write. It is in his blood and part of his genetic makeup, or so it would seem.

When not making contributions to the nationally-published music magazine Hittin' the Note, Rice spends his time working on his first fiction novel (always under constant revision) and maintaining a blog dedicated to honest and fair reviews of rock and alternative music recordings.

Rice also has extensive experience proofreading and editing on documents of both large and small scale. During his time at Stony Brook University, Rice spent a great deal of time assisting fellow students with the grammar and style of their term papers and also worked as Arts & Lifestyle Editor for one of the campus' news publications, The Stony Brook Independent.
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Creative Writing