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Stephanie Cambria

Freelance Portrait Photographer & Real Estate Photographer

Location:Valencia, California, United States
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I am a recently divorced working and single mom. I own my own Talent Management Company and its doing well. The issue is I work on commission ONLY and need extra income to pay my entire mortgage, etc. for my children.

I was brought up in the Entertainment Industry because my father is a well know TV Producer. I have been working since 12 with a degree from Emerson College in Boston, MA.

I am also a licensed Realtor who did very well, but my passions lie elswhere.

I have done everything from teaching small children, actors, to waitressing and bar tending, managing a restaurant, to assisting, accounting and research. My talents primarily lie with marketing, anything creative, and PR.

I am hard working, an idea person (always going out of the box and making things that seem impossible happen).

I'm looking for freelance work as I have no intention of quitting management, letting my Company go and because my children are actors and although I have a network of others who can bring them to auditions, I would prefer being able to do that myself. In terms of my company, most everything is internet based and its very easy for me to do that along with anything else I put 100% into.