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Throughout the ages, an open secret...

Ghostwriters have been utilized by executives, professionals, celebrities, politicians and kings to control public personas, legacies and, sometimes, mythologies. They know that the quest to secure their moment in history can only be achieved through the power of the written word.
They also know that writing a book requires a level of dedication that they can ill afford lest they take their eye off their own tasks. They understand that their time is too valuable and/or too limited to dedicate the weeks, months and, sometimes, even the years that would be needed for them to get their book written. Sometimes, they even realize that writing is hard work!

Like pushing a rock up a hill, it takes a lot of energy and dedication to move the weight of ideas and hopes and ambitions and dreams of a book to completion.

With a lifetime of dedication to the craft of creative writing, JB is a passionate wordsmith. Journaling before dawn, blogging from his iPhone while on the go, or showing up at the keyboard and writing page after page before most people even get to work, JB is a writing workaholic (writeaholic?). Combining his creative energy with two decades of experience in television market research, corporate training and business management makes JB your writing project’s best choice!

My job as a Ghostwriter is simple, I fill in the blanks between the covers.
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