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God is ultimately the creator most assuredly.
Creating entirety subsisted spontaneously.
Our God has not hurt you particularly.
Or selected your suffering singularly.
Nor chosen your tragedy specifically.
I suggest it was certainly inadvertently.
Mother Nature excludes no possibility.
No mater the destruction of humanity.
Admittedly she deals with us ambiguously.
Rarely substantiating laws of probability.
The best and worst occur emphatically.
A mother by name but not affectionately.
Elegant splendor is her creative diversity.
She is independently opinionated conclusively.
We temporally exist with her harmoniously.
Intuitively I need not expect her sympathy.
She is virtually the divinity of authenticity.
Concealing our earthly fate inconspicuously.
That is unquestionably the destiny of our fatality.
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