Ahmad Abdul-Rahman

Freelance Arabic Translator & French Translator

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(Curriculum Vitae)
Ahmed Abdul-Hamid Ahmed
Cell phone (+968)97208954 - E-Mail:ahmadhamid73@yahoo.com

Present Occupation& Full-Time Job in ?Sultanate of Oman: Senior Arabic/English/Arabic Translator/Editor, Muscat-based (Al-Watan) Arabic daily of Oman.
Education: I have B.A in Journalism.
Foreign Languages: I have proficiency in English, Arabic, and French (Spoken and Written)
Personal Data:
Marital Status: Married, with three children.
Date of Birth: 04 October 1955
Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt
Religion: Muslim.
Skills: Computer and Internet, skills of website surfing and search, typing (English & Arabic), translation (English / Arabic/ English), editing, proofreading and revising, articles and reports writing, and managerial skills.
Employment Record and Previous Work Experience:
(1) From To Position
May 1976 June 1979 Translator/Editor
Employer: Middle East News Agency (MENA), Cairo, Egypt.
Job Description & Duties:
1- Translating from English into Arabic and vice versa a variety of news items and reports brought in through the wire service.
3- Conducting interviews with officials in different governmental organizations, members of foreign missions, and senior officials in various ministries.
(2) From To Position
06/1980 08/1984 (Part-Time Translator/Editor)
Employer: Al-Bilad Newspaper, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Job Description & Duties:
1- Translating and editing of selected news items, stories, and reports published in the English language dailies or transmitted by global news agencies.
2- Running interviews with foreign leading figures, senior officials and members of the community business during their visits to Saudi Arabia.
4- Covering events and activities of economic and financial organizations and foreign diplomatic missions in the Kingdom, and interviewing ambassadors and members of the business community.
(3) From To Position
06/1984 08/1989 (Full-Time Translator/Editor)
Employer: Same previous employer.
Job Description & Duties: The same duties mentioned above and undertaken while working as Part-Time Translator/ Editor for Al-Bilad daily.
(4) From To Position
02/1989 12/1990 Translator/Editor
Employer: German News Agency (DPA), Cairo regional office.
Job Description & Duties: I was tasked with the same responsibilities, which I was doing during my three-year work in the Middle East News Agency.
(5) From To Position
1990 1992 translator
Employer: Ministry of Defense, Doha, Qatar (Press & Translation Section)
Job Description & Duties:
Translating from Arabic to English and from English to Arabic articles, reports and analyses on the political, economic, and social issues and developments in the state of Qatar in particular and the Gulf region at large. I was also assigned with doing editing works.
(6) From To Position
01/1992 12/1994 Translator
Employer: German News Agency (DPA), Cairo regional office.
Job Description & Duties: Same duties that I was doing during my work for DPA.
(7) From To Position
02/1993 11/1995 senior Translator/Writer (Part-Timer)
Employer: Al-alam Elyawam economic daily, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt.
Job Description & Duties:
As a member of the Foreign affairs section, I was assigned with the following duties:
1- Translating and editing a variety of different press material selected from Arabic and English language sources, including world news agencies and our correspondents abroad.
2- Conducting interviews with members of Cairo-based business community.
3- Covering various business events in Egypt.

(8) From To Position
03/1995 to present time fully appointed Senior Translator/ Editor
Employer: Al-Alam Elyawam economic daily, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt.
Job Description & Duties:
As Senior Translator/ Editor I am supervising 10-member team of Translators/Editors who are assigned to Translate economic news items, stories and reports , as well as political items and reports selected from English language dailies, specialized websites on the internet, and other stories brought in through the local and global news agencies (Reuters, AFP, AP, UPI, DPA).
My duties also include the following:
1- Choosing news items and stories transmitted by the wire service and distributing them to members of the team
2- Revising and editing all translated and written material and preparing them for publishing.
3- Supervising and training the junior staff.

Part-Time Jobs:
(1) From To Position
02/2000 04/2003 Senior Translator/Editor/Reviser
Employer: Chinese News Agency (Cairo regional bureau)
Job Description & Duties:
My duties and tasks were as follows:
1- Selecting news items, reports, and stories from the website of the Chinese News Agency and distributing them to members of the team.
2- 2- Revising the translated and the edited items both grammatically and linguistically and also in terms of editing and then sending these polished and revised item to our subscribers in Egypt and other Arab countries.