Seth Jackson

Freelance Song Writer & Newsletter Writer

Location:South Pasadena, California, United States
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Seth Jackson wrote his first song in 1983, while studying for his MBA degree at the Wharton School. The second song he ever wrote received airplay on WAAF-FM in the Boston area. The song caught the ear of the local music press, prompting The Beat Magazine to write, "Be on the Seth Jackson alert..." Several years later, Seth left the corporate world to study at the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, where he earned a diploma in Songwriting.

An ASCAP member, Seth is NSAI Regional Coordinator for the Los Angeles/Pasadena area.
While Seth has the versatility to write in a wide variety of styles, his main focus is on pop and country music. He makes frequent commutes between Los Angeles and Nashville, TN.

Dozens of Seth’s songs have been recorded on CDs and/or placed in motion pictures and network TV. A number of his songs have charted in Europe, with “Wait’ll I Get My Hands On You” hitting #1 on the European Country Music Association chart in Norway and #2 in Austria. Seth had chart success in the US with “My Lucky Stars and Stripes”, which reached #15 on the FMQB chart of US secondary market airplay. Seth has co-written with a number of well-known writers and artists.

In June of 2008, Seth received a Presidential invitation to the White House because of his song, "Pfc. Ross A. McGinnis", a tribute to an Iraq war hero. The soldier was eventually awarded a Medal of Honor, and the song was performed at a US Army reception following the award ceremony.

Seth was American Songwriter Magazine’s featured writer in Dec., 2009. An interview was posted on the magazine’s website.
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