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Jim Murray

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Location:Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
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James F. Murray III
6701 N Bryant Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73121
Cell: (405) 886-2152.

EXPERIENCE SUMMARY: Mr. Murray has accumulated over thirty years experience in industrial power and control engineering with particular emphasis on rotating components. He has a broad-based background in research methodologies and product development, ranging from printed circuit design to new generator technologies. His experience spectrum also includes participation in the evolution of hybrid propulsion systems for electric vehicles and the development of novel power supplies and electric motors. He has extensive experience in model making and prototype development, and with the implementation of data acquisition systems and process control technologies in industrial and R&D environments. He has programming experience with the Allen Bradley 525 PLC, General Electric models 1-5 PLC’s Mitshubishi and Modicon industrial processors. His skills also include technical writing abilities, computer modeling time, multiple programming languages, HMI installation / programming and 15 years of team management.

(2006, Current) Convergent Power, Inc. : Founder, VP of Engineering, Director of R&D,
Convergent Power, Inc. was founded in 2006, as a research and development company, for the express purpose of exploring the commercial potential of the Dynaflux Generator, Dynaflux Motors, the SERPS Device, and a variety of other inventions based upon the principles of Energy Resonance. To date, ten new patents have been filed, and numerous prototypes have been constructed and tested. There is absolutely no doubt that these concepts are valid. However, the time remaining until commercialization of one or more of these innovations is directly proportional to the availability of funding, and R&D money is a scarce commodity in these times.

(2004-2006) NONLINEAR DYNAMICS CORPORATION: Research Engineer
Responsible for designing, constructing and testing novel generators for wind power centers, systems integration of voltage regulators, charging controllers, electronic inverters, battery banks and associated automatic controls. Responsibilities also include design of test equipment, power measuring instrumentation, generator gear drives, as well as preparation of all engineering drawings, bills of material and project budgets.

(2003-2004) ELECTRIC & GAS TECHNOLOGY, INC. : Research Engineer
Directing the design, construction and testing of novel high voltage switching power supplies, utilizing resonance charging and inductive charging to produce power sources for alternate energy systems involving the production of Ozone, Hydrogen Gas and Hydrogen Peroxide, and for utilization in discrete power supplies and general research.

(2000-2002) AMERICAN PRECISION PRODUCTS, INC. : Quality Assurance Manager
Responsible for the operation of Quality Control Department and the inspection of turbine parts manufactured for Siemens of Germany. Set up certified inspection station, arranged for calibration and certification of inspection instruments, wrote company QC manual, arranged for state funding of ISO-9000 program, wrote ISO-9000-2001 standards for company manufacturing facility, arranged for ISO certification.

(1996-1999) MILLENNIAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC.: Research Engineer and Consultant
Analysis and evaluation of experimental electric motors and motor drive technologies. Designed motor test stands, novel electronic controls, and studied the implementation of automation methodologies and digital instrumentation to diesel generator sets.

(1991-1996) MARINE POWER AND CONTROL, INC.: Founder, President and CEO
Marine Power and Control, Inc. was established in 1991 to address the need within the marine industry for reliable, innovative, custom engineered power and control systems, with special emphasis on tug boat, work boat and fuel barge requirements. Accordingly, Murray developed and continues to improve several unique products for the marine industry including, but not limited to:

Engine controls, monitoring and alarm systems, Human-Machine Interfaces (Zoid specialist).
Total automation and control systems
Automatic generator transfer switches
Remote automation interface stations
Contactor controllers
Power monitoring and power factor correction equipment
Spill alarm systems

Murray has also been active in various marine construction projects such as:
Ship re-wiring
Engineering and installation of generation facilities for drill barges and lighting barges
Manufacturing of sight glass systems for gasoline barges and general trouble shooting
The design and installation of power factor correction equipment

RESONANT ENERGY SYSTEMS, INC.: Founder and President
Resonant Energy Systems was formed as a research and development company in 1992. Its principle objective is to explore and develop engineering concepts and products that relate to power generation and conservation. Additionally, RES performs power supply system surveys, including demand measurements, electrical load characteristics, calculation of KVAR requirements, design and installation of power factor correction equipment and harmonic analysis.

(1994-1997) Brown’s Gas International, California. Hydrogen Power Applications
(1990-1991) Resonance Technology, Inc., Piscataway, NJ Power generation and rotational components
(1986-1991) J&J Tooling and Design, Westchester, PA Automation electronics and prototyping
(1987-1991) Virtual State Productions, Long Island City, NY Power and automation electronics
(1989-1990) MAN Roland USA, Inc., Middlesex, NJ Process control programming
(1989-1990) Micron Precision, Ltd., Downingtown, PA Three phase power control
(1988-1989) Drive Technology, Inc., Monmouth Junction, NJ Electronics and process control programming
(1988-1989) Fitze Engineers, Ltd., Edgemont, PA Power and control
(1988-1989) Technethion Corporation, Tuxedo, NY Power and instrumentation


1984-1989 POWER & AUTOMATION ENGINEER, PROGRAMMER, Syncro Machine Company, Perth Amboy, NJ
Designed instrumentation and control panels, power supplies and PLC I/O circuitry for wire drawing machinery, line annealers and automatic spoolers. Also responsible for program development, machine installation and start up. Programming experience with Allen Bradley 525 PLC, General Electric models 1-5 PLC’s Mitshubishi and Modican industrial processors.

2/82-2/83 INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEER, Piasecki Aircraft Company, Philadelphia, PA
Designed and supervised the installation of automated data acquisition systems for implementing stress analysis of experimental aircraft structures at Lakehurst Naval Air Station, Lakehurst, NJ. Wrote “data capture” programs. Provided a feasibility study and design for a hybrid aircraft power system, incorporating a 480 volt three phase AC generation and transmission grid, utilizing high voltage solid state power rectifiers and inverters to provide a fail safe 25 kilowatt network capable of reverse operation from battery reverses, and meeting both FAA and military specifications.

3/81-2/82 SENIOR FIELD ENGINEER, Bechtel Power Corporation, Hope Creek Nuclear station, Hope Creek, NJ
Responsible for the design of power, control, instrumentation, fire protection and security circuits in all areas of Unit 1 Turbine Building as well as the design of conduit runs for motor control centers, remote sensing equipment and automated controls. Also responsible for the determination of distribution routes from cable trays to equipment termination points.

4/74-3/81 ELECTRICAL SUPERVISOR, Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Drummond Island, Michigan
Responsible for organizing and directing the activities of eight electricians on three shifts; troubleshooting all electrical problems in the stone crushing plant, aboard the electric shovels and in the quarries; design construction and installation of new substations, high voltage transmission lines, motors, controllers and related equipment. Also accountable for the preparation of maintenance schedules, progress reports, safety reports and electrical drawings within the mining division.

1977-1981 ENGINEERING CONSULTANT, Clover Electrical Company, Dafter, Michigan
Responsible for trouble shooting and maintaining 3000 KW generators, switchgear, instruments and associated equipment at the Cloverland Generation Facility including: power PT’s and CT’s, electrical monitoring equipment, control panels and automation systems, field forcing transformers, electronic regulators and automatic circuit breakers.

8/73 - 3/75 ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN, J.F.B. Manufacturing Company, St. Ignace, Michigan
Responsible for designing in plant equipment changes, the programming, upkeep and repair of wire drawing and cutting machinery, circuit testers, automatic taping machines, plastic injection molding devices, spot welders and assembly jigs.

Responsible for the installation and trouble shooting of automated monitoring systems and marine power systems on the McAllister tugboat fleet. Also assisted with the upkeep and testing of electrical navigation instruments, ships controls and the installation and maintenance of 2000 H. P. direct current motors aboard diesel-electric boats.
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