Michelle Prince

Freelance Telephone System Freelancer & Voiceover Freelancer

Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
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I am a female who realize her gift in life is her voice, I was always get compliments on my voice. One day at the office at my job I always taking care of a clients issue with his ATM machine he was very rude but the more I didn't speak the more he was rude, then when I opened my mouth ans spoke to the gentlemen nice he acted very different. The gentlemen asked we where I was from and started to sense calmness in his voice, to where we got his ATM working and the next couple of days saw tulips on my desk!
At that moment I felt great and would get gifts from different people male or female, it made me realize that I love talking to people and they love talking back to me! I also wanted to do voiceovers as well but wanted to know how to get started.
I also have a studio in my house where I practice on my voice. I may not have did a single job on this but would love to say I tried and hopefully someone will give me a chance.
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Telephone Systems