Victoria E.R. DeRosa

Freelance Jingle Writer & Song Writer

Location:Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States
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Victoria E.R. DeRosa
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Education : Suffolk University, Boston, MA B.A. 2005
Suffolk University, Deans List, Presidents Scholarship (2002) Mayor’s and State Senator’s Award for Entrepreneurship (2000, 2001) Art Awards in South Shore Language Competition (2000) Sum *** Laude Latin Award (2000, 2001)
Strengths: Sales and Leadership skills Promotions/Marketing and Developing Community Program Organization, Team Building, People skills Strong creativity, communication and writing skills

Management /Marketing/Sales Experience: 1993 – 2013
Fashion Model with promotions and sales: 1993 – 2003 § Fashion Agency John Roberts Powers Boston, MA § Cinderella – Boston, MA. Assignments with Sony, Pantene, CNN Asst. Manager for Strawberry Parfait Fast Food Restaurant: 1996 - 2001 Night Manager for Union Club of Boston: 2001 – 2003 Arden B’s Fashion Sales Clerk: 2000 Bartender in Australia: 2004
Bartender Coyote Ugly: 2005
Museum of Fine Arts 2006
Radio Street Team for WBCN: 2004 – 2006 Sales asst. Truck Driver for Monster Energy Drink 2004-2006
Manager for Foote Brother’s Canoe’s Ipswich: Spring/Summer: 2007 Baker at Sensations, Saugus Mass 2008
Abercrombie & Fitch 2009 Manager Emack and Bolios 20010-20011
McDonalds Orange Mass 2011
Maria’s Pastry shop Boston 2012
Tissue factory orange Massachusetts 2012
Courts plus gym , North Carolina 2013
Gold Seal Reviews 2013

Disc Jockey Suffolk Free Radio Team Leader for Marketing/Entrepreneurship Club at Weymouth High Language club at Weymouth High Charity work for local shelters and nursing homes Extensive travel and experience with cultures (Australia, Europe, Canada, Mexico, U.S.) Developing Solar Bus, automotive manufacturers and energy/lighting companies Member of Techno Band recently performed in front of 10,000 people in Brussels
Additional Information:
- Available to relocate if needed. - Salary is open - Can apply to work in Canada and United Kingdom as parent is a British and Canadian Citizen - References available upon request
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Jingle Writing
Song Writing