Dante Alvarado

Freelance Caricature Artist & Cartoonist

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
2 Skills
I draw all types of styles from cartooning, portraits, caricatures, tattoo design, murals, and even graffiti art. My passion is character design. I've been creating my own cartoon characters since I was little. My cartooning is influenced by so many famous artists with different styles from Dali, comic artist Vaughn Bode, Walt Disney, Doze Green, graffiti artist Seen, Tom Richmond, Joe Blume among others.
I also draw a lot of caricature gigs. Been drawing them for 15 years now. Another passion of mine is surreal horror art, but at the same time i can also draw the total opposite like an old school Disney movies style. Did a few tattoo designs for people. I like doing them because with tattoos I can be my most creative. I have a very creative imagination which give me the most insane ideas. I also draw from life experiences. I've also been doing graffiti art for twenty years now. Logo designs for business's and a lot more.
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Caricature Art