luay A. Saknee

Freelance Admin Support Freelancer & Arabic Translator

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Luay Abbas Saknee
7701 W. Saint John Rd, Apt # 2174, Glendale Arizona, Zip85308
Phone: 623-241-0907

Collage of administration and economic – economic department
Master degree in economics 2003-2004
Energy taxes in the Industrial States, Privatization and their influence on the free Economy of the Developing States which produce and export oil.

Security clearance
SF 85P

Computer: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point.

Mother language Arabic, second language English

38 recommending and certificate from various point. (US Army)

Employment History:

Security guard in veterans Security Company, APS sites

Director of the Iraqi elections register in united states (U.S) 2010

GCA Services Group (U.S) 2010

AFC (ROTATION) 10 Jan To 26 Jan 2011
Role play with U.S army in Fort Polk (Interpreter)

Tatitlek Corporation (ROTATION) Jan 2011
Role play with U.S army in El Paso (Interpreter, village chief)

Titan Corporation (U.S Army) 2003-2006
Baghdad, Iraq
Bilingual Translator-Operation Iraqi Freedom
? Provide operational and technical linguist support to the US Army operations in Iraq
? Interpret and translate written and spoken communications during interviews, meetings, and conferences.

OSS Company (U.S Army) 2006-2007
Baghdad, Iraq
Senior Cases Workers
Supervisor of detainee section

VERSAR Company (U.S Army) 2007-2009
Baghdad, Iraq
Joint Contracting Command –Iraq/Afghanistan (JCCI/A)

Job title: Senior Contract Specialist
1- I am contract specialist in the service branch (TWR-S).
A- Issue task order and modifications for the new work.
B- Closeout a backlog of expired contracts.
C- Work closely with the JCC-I Military, DOD Civilians, and CACI personnel.
D- Revise requirements or statements of work (SOW) from multiple customers.
Travel management, TWISS, and WSSP.
E- Input and formulate purchase request.
2- Systems administrator for the standard procurement system (SPS) and the Joint Contingency Contracting System (JCCS). Administration for JCCS including both the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters.

Office Administrator/ Medical Department (U.S Military) 2003-2004
Iraqi Assistant Center (IAC)
Convention Center, Baghdad
Coordinate between IAC and the Iraqi Ministry of Health, and Non- government organizations
? Initiate contacts with organizations outside Iraq to help solve complex medical problems and sponsor Iraqi’s patients to have medical attention a broad for medical problems that cant be treated in Iraq

The United States Institute of Peace USIP (Amman) 2005
(Turkey) 2008
Training Course in Amman regarding (The Strategic Economic Need &Security Simulation Exercise S.E.N.S.E.
I train many Iraqis in (S.E.N.S.E) program.
1- Amman , (Jun -2005) , Iraqi government members
2- Baghdad , (Jul -2005) , Students
3- Baghdad , (Aug -2005) , the Iraqi Parliament Members
4- Irbil , (Feb -2006) , NGOs
5- Irbil- Sulaymaniyah , (Jul-2006) , Minister of the Territory and Parliament members of Kurdistan.

Participate workshop in Amman, Dead Sea 16 to 18th may 2006
Draft Concept Paper and Agenda United Nations Multiparty Dialogue On Fiscal and Financial Constitutional Arrangements, the Distribution of Resources and the ngagement of the Economy of Iraq in the Context of Post Conflict Reconstruction and Development.

I can provide all the reference upon request.
Reading subjects related to Energy, Oil and global effect on the Economics and the International Politic.
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Admin Support
Arabic Translation