Biff Tannen

Freelance Audio Editor & Music Producer

Location:Spring Lake, Michigan, United States
2 Skills
Biff Tannen has been performing since 2006 in the Midwest EDM scene. Starting as a duo with his brother Tyler as Minor State, he took his love for making music and performing launching his solo career as Biff Tannen. Taking his dopeness to the next level, Biff's sound is a cornucopia of EDM goodness. From Drum & Bass, Dubstep, and Glitch-Hop, to Electro and experimental, he is extremely versatile and collaborative.

Biff's beastly live remixes are the center of his performances. His ability to take his fellow partiers on an electric roller coaster of sound is his forte. From upbeat tempos to outstanding drops, Biff keeps the crowd raging! Not only does he have the technical skills, Biff engages the crowd. Creating an electric vibe, he gets himself and the crowd hype! His visual performance and ability to engage his audience is one of his best features as a live DJ.

Biff Tannen is driven, and committed to his life as a producer and performer. Working on a 2013 album release date, Biff is focused on perusing a life-long career in the music industry. Playing shows all over the Midwest. He is looking forward to expanding his horizons and infiltrating cities all over the country!
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Audio Editing
Music Production