Bradley Kent

Freelance Illustrator & Drawer

Location:Grand Prairie, Texas, United States
2 Skills
My name is Bradley Kent. I am a 30 year old southern gentlemen currently living in the state of Texas. I am an artist & love to create. The universe has blessed me with creative abilities that I want to share with this world. I believe that I was given this gift to help you see the colorful creations around you & the endless possibilities of your imagination.
I believe that creativity can be applied to all aspects of life. Being able to creatively solve problems & think outside the box has led me down many different roads in my life thus far.
I have worked in marketing for the majority of my career. I understand that to make things desirable they have to be branded & presented in a simple polished package. I have used my love for hand drawn illustrations & my trained eye for design to develop the marketing tools & imagery for newspapers, publications, billboards, cards, postcards, brochures, web based marketing & for the sake of creating! I'm always ready for new challenges & opportunities.
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