Jason Cerchie

Freelance Digital Artist & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
2 Skills
Consultant / Freelance Modeling and Texturing

In the past few years I have worked with companies
such as Circ.us, HelpPeople Inc, IllClan, NPL/AWE, and
CustomerCentria to create online gaming and training
scenarios, as well as alternate reality experiences.

Responsibilities have included object/environment
modeling and texturing, animation and exporting,
helping to develop site metaphor and concept, providing
feedback and critique of previous artwork, as well
as streamlining/optimization of assets and content.

AUG 2006-DEC 2007
Art Director / Lead Production Designer, The Electric Sheep Company

Created 2D and 3D conceptual art and experiential
design for companies such as CBS, NBC, Pontiac, AOL,
H&R Block, Siemens UGS, Cisco, Sony, Text 100,
GSD&M, Edelman, etc. Directly involved in various cross-
media experiences, including an episode of CSI:NY,
with a virtual world cross-over tie-in to Second Life.

Strong client relations, intuitive grasp of verbal and
text descriptions, the ability to lead a large team of
creatives to meet recurring deadlines, artistic vision and
the ability to produce under pressure, as well as multi-
tasking, systemic and organizational thinking, and fluid
communication were all necessary parts of this position.
Skills (2) Rating
Digital Art
3D Graphic Design