richard Zake

Freelance Article Writer & Video Editor

Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Studied writing for 3 years with Clothesline School of Writing - University of Chicago Continuing Education on scholarship.
Columbia College MFA film and video 1990. Award Winning Documentaries
Founded Chicago Film Works where I directed and produced documentaries/commercials/video news releases/industrials/instructional videos. Did complete turn-key operations from budgeting/writing scripts to edit.
I have worked in almost every capacity in the film industry except digital editing (although I supervised all my edits and made edit decision list. When you work 100k to 500 k budgets in the commercial/industrial film world, one often has to wear a number of hats.
As far as writing goes, I pitched and am in the process of working out a deal with M. Mann Productions in LA, CA. for my book of collected true crime and fiction work. Two other articles are presently in negotiation stage.
Leaving my film company was difficult but I wanted to explore more creative forms as far as screen plays and found just as many short stories are optioned for films than actual 120 page screenplays.
I have only 4 of the commercials I directed on a DVD due to conflicts with old company but I do have 2 award winning documentaries. 19 and 28 minutes respectively. Strongest area is leading crew and bringing project on schedule with no overages.I can direct actors, table top, produce (hire, put together budgets, and lead crew to completion through editing.).
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Video Editing