Freelance Chinese Translator & Magazine Designer

Location:Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Hi, My Name Is Nikci, I juST want you to have patience to read a Cv, So thaz why i put the Basic Information behind, And intro myself with honestly and in EARNEST .
Im from china, 21 Now, No special education, learned english by watching “friends” ten time.“I kNow..

Everyone Should work from the VERY bottom. No matter what kind of position you should at, aJob Still a Job.

Work 4 a comany is all learn everything that people can teach you, Listen to what people's asking for,everything's from them, when i put myself into a comany, i'd put the comany situation frist, No complain of what im doing, and always gave idea,No matter is Not important or Unacceptable, I will always Gave what's good 4 the comany

Love The Music in That Pull And Bear' shop of deria dubai city center "}

I confident with my accent, but..defect is.. i don't know too much word. Like a 12yrs old kid.....Yep, Not good at words. What i Can do is.. almost everything, cuz i learn things fast, what im good at ..is.. Music,, it just that i never had a chance to touch any instrument. If i did.. it'll be amazing, also write lyric, im not foolish you or make myself stupid To said thaT,cause.. I Am Good at Music.
Im Looking 4 a Job, Full Of Music and art, part time, full time, any job, Thaz All
I Can Really help up.

Basic Information :birth certificate,ID card ,health prove,living in dubai one-years More now. has dubai visa with 3years agreement

Chinese Name:Ying Ying Zhou

English Name: Nicki kom Mia (Or Komi

Gender : Female

Age: 21 ( 1989/10/22

Mobile Phone:050-9537339

Educational Background: 16th school The pivot school of Guangzhou center.

Major :Normal English, And Chinese Represent Language, HongKong,BeiJing and WenZhou,

Minor:Computer ,Music indite

Work Experience:

2007 - 2009 Work For A Car Gas Pump Company In China ,As The administer of Company's Warehouse
2010 - 2011 Work at Car's auto spare parts Shop in Dubai

(Still a student in china, but stoped the school for the first job, want to find a New experience in dubai.