Jared Ortega

Freelance Video Editor & Videographer

Location:Austin, Texas, United States
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Jared Ortega
Videographer• Editor

Education:Bachelors of Arts and Sciences: New Mexico State University Major: Digital Filmmaking
Minor: Astronomy
GPA: 3.7

Work Experience:
KEYE-TV (CBS Austin, TX) & KVIA-TV (ABC El Paso, TX)
Position – Videographer / Editor/ Reporter June 2006 - Present
Working in the news business has given me the opportunity to shoot and edit video on a daily basis under extremely tough deadlines. It’s made me a sharp instrument of videography and a smooth editor. I can create a polished product from idea to air in the matter of a couple of hours. I’ve done this for 4 years. I work with full sized HD news cameras as well as DSLRs and GoPros. In the edit bay I’m most comfortable with Final Cut Pro, and I know how to edit on Avid and Premier. I work with lighting daily, mostly 3 point, unless the story calls for more. I also know how to light and shoot green and blue screen. Writing and reporting are also in my skill set although not as polished as my production work.

New Mexico Spaceport Authority (Spaceport America)
Position – Web Media Editor April - October 2011
I worked with Spaceport America to create multimedia content for the website and social media (i.e. videos, news releases, webcasts, blog posts, photography, and podcasts) I updated the website daily using HTML and was in charge of being the companies voice on social media. I was also in charge of the preparation, filming, and broadcast of rocket launch activity. Spaceport America has been the greatest story I have every had the opportunity to record and tell on video.

Freelance Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
August 2007- Present
In the filmmaking realm I have worked on everything from Hollywood budget to no budget films. I also do my own movies when feeling extra inspired. My most recent film was a 15 minute short titled “Grief Mop” which is a story of an over worked Paramedic in El Paso, Texas. The film was loosely based on my own true life experience as an Emergency Medical Technician working on an ambulance. I raised over $3000 to fund the film and I employed around 25 crew members. I wrote the script over the span of a year as an EMT working in the field. I worked for several months finding locations to film, getting city permits, finding appropriate costumes and props, auditioning and hiring actors, and acquiring HD digital film, sound, and lighting equipment.

Films titled Warrior (2011), Away We Go (2009), Burning Plain (2008)
Position - Set Production Assistant September 2008- June 2011
As a Production Assistant I would run errands for cast and crew. I was instrumental in smoothing over problems and issues on set regarding the locations. I helped in the negotiations with location owners about storing trucks, equipment, extras holding/ catering. All three movies had budgets greater than $25million so stakes were high and doing the job right the first time was crucial.

Four Lone Star Regional Student Emmy’s.
First Place short film in the “Ghost Light 48 hour Film Festival”

Personal Interests:
Inspiring others through visual arts will forever be my life long love and passion. Aside from that I’m a huge science enthusiast with emphasis on astronomy and medicine. I’m starting my own science news website called ScienceNewsNow.org. I also enjoy skateboarding, going to live concerts, and cruising on my motorcycle in my free time.

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Samples Of Work:
Videography Reel
Editing/ Green Screen Example News videography/ editing example Reporting/ videography/ Editing
https://vimeo.com/38140059 http://goo.gl/pzKp7M https://vimeo.com/58842863
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