Joey Parsons

Freelance Screenwriter & Script Writer

Location:Johnson City, Tennessee, United States
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Joey started out writing at a young age. He became a published writer at the age of six and moved quickly into writing music for a couple of local bands by the time he was 10.

He had the usual hobbies that most kids had; playing sports, hanging out with his friends, riding the skateboard, but by the end of the day he always considered himself a writer first.

He was 15 whenever he completed writing his first sitcom titled, "Socially Acceptable." The pilot was sold to Fox, but nothing was ever done with it.

By the time Joey left high school, he decided to put himself to the test and went on the road with his band. Quickly realizing that living "the dream" wasn't putting food on the table, he became a studio musician-for-hire by day where he recorded with several pop artists.

Finished with full time touring, Joey decided to revert back to his first love, writing, and began putting out several short stories and poems. He was not content with this style of writing and decided that he wanted something more.

In 2004, Joey wanted to venture into film and decided the best way was to start out small and work his way up. He started out writing and filming music videos and quickly moved into the world of corporate videos, such as ****** harassment and safety videos. This was

In 2007, Joey started developing a documentary series based on paranormal events and quickly sold the series.

As of 2013, he is developing, writing, producing, and starring in a series titled, "Hellview" and he has other projects on the horizon scheduled to be released in 2014.
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